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1892 - 1914 H.H. (Sa’adat Sahib al-Tal’a al-vaiqa al-Khedivi al-Afkham wa’l-duari al-Akram) ‘Abbas Hilmi II, Khedive of Egypt, Sovereign of Nubia, of the Sudan, of Kordofan and of Darfur, GCB (c 10.6.1892), GCMG (23.7.1891), GCVO (28.6.1900), Royal Victorian Chain (15.6.1905). b. at the Urgunchu Palace, Alexandria, Egypt, 14th July 1874, eldest son of H.H. Muhammad Tawfik Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, etc, GCB, GCSI, by his wife, H.H. Princess Amina Najiya Khanum Effendimiz, the Valida Sultana, educ. Ali and Royal Schs, Cairo, Egypt, the Pensionnat International de La Châtelaine (Thudicum’s Boarding Sch), Geneva, Switzerland and the Theresianum, Vienna, Austria. Succeeded on the death of his father, 7th January 1892. Installed at the Citadel, Cairo, 26th March 1892. Found himself in Turkey on the outbreak of the Great War, where he had been recovering from medical treatment, and was deposed following the declaration of a British Protectorate over Egypt, 18th December 1914. Formally relinquished all his rights to the throne of Egypt, at Lausanne, Switzerland, 12th May 1931. Field Marshal Egyptian and Imperial Ottoman armies. Patron Islamic Benevolent Soc 1879-1882, Egyptian Olympic Cttee 1910-1914, Egyptian Sports Fed 1910-1914, General Sports Club (Alexandria), European Cttee of Honour Motor Yacht Club of America 1934, etc. Rcvd: the Exalted Order of the House of Osman (Hanedan-i-Ali-Osman Nishani) (9.2.1895), the Exalted Order of Honour (Nishan-i-Ali-Imtiaz), and the Imperial Orders of the Osmans (Nishan-i-Osmanieh) special class in brilliants, and Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidieh) special class in brilliants, the Medals of Distinction (Imtiyaz Madalyasi) in gold and silver, Glory (Iftikhar Madalyasi) and Merit (Liaqat Madalyasi) in gold and silver of Turkey, Knt of the Orders of St Alexander Nevsky in brilliants and St Stanislaus 1st class (non-Christian) of Russia, and the Maha Chakri of Siam (1908), GC of the Orders of the North Star of Sweden (1890), Franz Joseph of Austria (1891), Legion of Honour of France (1892), Dannebrog of Denmark (6.4.1892), the Netherlands Lion (12.8.1892), Leopold of Austria (1897), Chula Chom Klao special class of Siam (1897), Carlos III of Spain with collar, Duke Peter Freidrich Ludwig of Oldenburg, the Ducal Saxe-Ernestine House Order (30.4.1898), Albert of Saxony, Redeemer of Greece, Danilo of Montenegro, Carol I of Rumania, Pius of the Vatican, Ludwig of Hesse by the Rhine (26.3.1900), the Royal Hungarian Order of St Stephen (1905), SS Maurice & Lazarus of Italy (1911), Ludwig of Hesse by the Rhine (26.3.1900), Leopold of Belgium, Star of Ethiopia, the Sharifan Order of Alawi of Morocco (1913), Black Eagle of Albania (1914), and the Red Eagle 1st class of Prussia with collar (x.12.1914), the Order of the Exalted (Wisam al-Aliyeh) special class in brilliants of Zanzibar, etc. m. (first) at Cairo, Egypt, 19th February 1895 (nikah) (after the birth of her eldest child) (div. 1900) H.H. Princess Iqbal Khanum, Khediva Effendimiz (b. at Istanbul, Turkey, 22nd October 1876; d. at Jerusalem, Palestine, 10th February 1941), rcvd: the Order of Charity (Nishan-i-Shafakat) 1st class of Turkey, a former Circassian slave of the Khediva Mother Amina. m. (second) at Montazah Palace, Alexandria, Egypt, 1901 (private, but witnessed by who shaikhs) and at Chibuklu, Bosphorus, Turkey, 28th February 1910 (public) (div. at Alexandria, Egypt, 7th August 1913) Janan Javidan Khanum Effendi [H.H. Princess Janan Javidan] (b. at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 15th June 1877; d.s.p. at Graz, Styria, Austria, 5th August 1968, bur. there at the St Leonard Cemetery), née May Puskas [Májuska Puskás de Ditró], later styled Countess May Török de Szendrö, assumed the name of Zubaida bint ‘Abdu’llah on embracing Islam at Abdin Palace, Cairo, 9th February 1910, and received the new name and title of Janan Javidan Khanum Effendi on her public marriage 28th February 1910, sometime concert pianist, painter and columnist, author of “Harem” (1930) and “G├╝lzar - der Rosengarten” (1942), eldest daughter of Tivadar János Lambert Puskás de Ditró [Theodore Puskas], the Hungarian inventor of the telephone exchange and telephone newspaper, by his wife, Sofie Josefine Stefanie Maria, Countess Vetter von der Lilie (former wife of József Kristóf, 3rd Count Török de Szendrö), daughter of Lieutenant-Field Marshal Ferdinand, Count von Vetter & Herr von der Lilie, Baron zu Burg-Freistnitz, Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Army, by his wife, Josefine, Countess Vetter von der Lilie, daughter of Josef Ritter von Wachtler auf Wsetin, sometime Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Cmsnr Assessor. m. (third) 1935, … a Viennese lady. He d. at No. 5, Quai du Mont Blanc, Geneva, Switzerland, 19th December 1944 (bur. Khedive Tawfik Mausoleum, Kait Bey, Cairo, Egypt), having had issue, two sons and four daughters:
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