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Courtesy of H Kamel-Kelisli-Morali 1917 - 1936 H.M. Fu’ad I, by the grace of God, King of Egypt, Sovereign of Nubia, of the Sudan, of Kordofan and of Darfur, GCB (c 11.10.1917), Royal Victorian Chain (4.7.1927). b. at the Giza Palace, 26th March 1868, as Prince Ahmad Fu’ad, seventh son of H.H. Ismail Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, etc, GCB, GCSI, by Farial Kadin, educ. Royal Sch, Cairo, Institut Tudicum, Geneva, and the Royal Military Acad of Artillery & Engineers, Turin, Italy. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut 13th Regt. of Artillery, Italian Army 1887-1888, transf Turkish army 1889, Hon ADC to the Sultan of Turkey 1890, Military Attaché at Vienna 1890-1891, prom Lt-Gen 25/7/1892, Chief ADC to Khedive ‘Abbas Hilmi II 1892-1895, resig. 7/7/1895, Prince-Rector of the Fu’ad I Univ at Cairo 1908-1913. Became Heir Apparent, 9th December 1914. Succeeded on the death of his brother as Fu’ad I, Sultan of Egypt, Sovereign of Nubia, of the Sudan, of Kordofan and of Darfur, 9th October 1917. Informed by a telegram from the British government that they had terminated the Protectorate over Egypt and that they recognised her as an independent sovereign state, with certain reservations pertaining to territorial defence and communications, 28th February 1922. Assumed the title of King of Egypt and of Sudan, Sovereign of Nubia, of Kordofan and of Darfur, together with the style of Hazrat Sahib al-Jalala (His Majesty) 15th March 1922. Proclaimed the independence of Egypt, 16th March 1922. Field Marshal Egyptian Army, and Admiral of the Fleet REN. Hon Presdt Muhammad Ali Club 1908. High Patron Royal Agricultural Soc 1925-1936. Patron The Royal Automobile Club of Egypt (RACE) 1924-1936, Royal Alexandria Yacht Club. “laurea ad honorem” (Univ of Pisa, Italy, 1933). Founder Sultanic Soc for Political Economy, Statistics and Legislation 1909. Presdt International First Aid Soc 1910, the Geographic Soc 1915, and the Egyptian Red Crescent Soc 1916. Founder the Orders of Agriculture (1923), Culture (1932), and Commerce and Industry (1932). Rcvd: Knt of the Orders of the Anunziata of Italy (1922), Seraphim of Sweden (18.3.1933), Maha Chakri of Siam (1934), and Elephant of Denmark (3.4.1935), the Grand Collars of the Orders of the Crown of Iran, and the Supreme Sun of Afghanistan (22.12.1927), the Grand Collar of Albania, the Collar of the Order of the Chrysanthemum of Japan (20.4.1921), the Grand Order of the Hashimites of Iraq, GC of the Orders of SS Maurice & Lazarus of Italy (1911), the Redeemer of Greece (10.5.1912), Carol I with collar of Rumania, Tower & Sword for Valor, Loyalty & Merit of Portugal (12.4.1920), Vasa of Sweden with collar (1921), the Renaissance of the Hijaz (1922), Seal of Solomon of Ethiopia (3.5.1924), the Netherlands Lion (17.9.1925), Legion of Honour of France (27.9.1927), Leopold of Belgium (mil. 25.10.1927), and Omayyad of Syria, the Most Sacred Imperial Order (Nishan-i-Agdas) of Persia (1919), and the Orders of Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidieh) 1st class of Turkey (1893), and the White Eagle of Poland (24.3.1932). m. (first) at Cairo, 30th May 1895 (nikah) and at the ‘Abbasiya Palace, Cairo, 14th February 1896 (zifaf) (div. May 1898) H.H. Princess Shivakiar Khanum Effendi (b. at Istanbul, Turkey, 25th October 1876; she m. four times and d. at the Kasr al-Aali Palace, Cairo, 17th February 1947, bur. El-Mammalek Desert Cemetery), only daughter of Field Marshal H.H. Prince Ibrahim Fahmi Ahmad Pasha, by his first wife, Vijdan Navjuvan Khanum. m. (second) at the Bustan Palace, Bab al-Luk, Cairo, 26th May 1919, H.M. Queen Nazli (b. at Alexandria 25th June 1894; d. at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA, 29th May 1978, bur. there at the Garden of the Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City), educ. Pensionnat de la Mère de Dieu, Garden City, Cairo, and Notre-Dame de Sion, Bacos Ramleh Alexandria, rcvd: the Decoration of al-Kemal in brilliants (1917), who took the names Mary Elizabeth on her baptism into the Roman Catholic Church and was consequently deprived of her rank, privileges and property by her son 1st August 1950, elder daughter of H.E. (Sahib al-Maali) ‘Abdu’r-Rahim Pasha Sabri, sometime Minister of Agriculture and Governor of Cairo, by his wife, Tawfika Khanum, daughter of Major-General H.E. (Sahib ud-Daula) Muhammad Sharif Pasha, GCSI, sometime Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs. He d. at the Kubba Palace, Cairo, 28th April 1936 (bur. Khedival Mausoleum, ar-Rifai Mosque, Cairo), having had issue, two sons and five daughters:
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