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Al-Hashimi Dynasty


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The Grand Order of the Hashimites - collar and collar badge (Copyright© H.M. The Queen).

The Grand Order of the Hashimites (Wisam al-Hashimi): founded by King Faisal I in 1932. Originally awarded in one class only (Grand Collar) to Heads of State and very senior Royal figures. A secondary class or Grand Cordon was introduced by King Faisal II for princes of the Hashimite and foreign Royal Houses, and consisted of a breast star, sash and sash badge. Obsolete 1958.

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The Order of Faisal I - First Class, breast star (L) and Third Class, neck badge (R).

The Order of Faisal the First (Wisam al-Faisal al-Awwal): founded by King Faisal I in 1932 as a reward for exceptional services to the King and to the state. Awarded in three classes (1. Grand Cordon, 2. Grand Officer, and 3. Commander). Obsolete 1958. Copyright© Christopher Buyers

The Order of the Two Rivers - First Class, breast star (civil division) (L) and sash and sash badge (military division) (R)

The Honourable Order of the Two Rivers (Wisam al-Imtiaz-i-Rafidain): founded by King Faisal I on 22nd March 1927, as a general order of merit to recognise distinguished services to the state in all fields. Modified and extended to include a military (wreath with crossed swords) and a civil division (simple wreath), in five classes. Obsolete 1958 (later revived by the republican regime).
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