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1959 - [1980] H.M. Samdach Brhat Chao Maha Sri Vitha Lan Xang Hom Khao Phra Rajanachakra Lao Parama Sidha Khattiya Suriya Varman Brhat Maha Sri Savangsa Vadhana [Savang Vathana], King of Laos. b. at the Royal Palace, Ban Wat Nong, Luang Prabang, 13th November 1907, eldest son of H.M. Samdach Brhat Chao Maha Sri Vitha Lan Xang Hom Khao Phra Rajanachakra Lao Parama Sidha Khattiya Suriya Varman Brhat Maha Sri Savangsa Varman [Sisavangvong], King of Laos, by his first wife, H.M. Queen (Samdach Brhat Rajini Ekka Akkharara Maha Sri) Kamavani Dungsiri  [Kham-Ouane Thongsi], educ. Royal Palace Sch, Luang Prabang,  Lycée Montpellier, and l'École Sciences et Politiques, Paris. Sec-Gen of the Royal Household 1933-1941, Presdt of the Privy Council 1941-1949, Adviser Franco-Siamese Conciliation Cmsn 1947, actg Prime Minister 1951. Deported to Saigon by the Japanese for calling for a popular uprising against them in May 1945. Deprived of his position as Crown Prince by the Lao Issara, 10th November 1945 (rescinded 23rd April 1946). Concluded the agreement and signed the protocol with the French and the Prince of Champasakti, which reunified the kingdom and incorporated the southern provinces within the kingdom of Laos, at Vientiane, 27th August 1946. Signed the peace treaty concluding hostilities with Japan at San Francisco, 8th September 1951. Became Regent for his incapacitated father, 20th August 1959. Succeeded on his death, 29th October 1959. Field Marshal Royal Lao Army 1959. Grand Master of the Most Esteemed Order of the Million Elephants and the White Parasol, and of the Orders of Education, Agricultural Merit, and Civil Merit, 29th October 1959. Founder of the Orders of the Crown of Laos and Feminine Merit in 1962. He was forced to abdicate by the Communists on 29th November 1975, who proclaimed the country a “democratic and popular republic” on 2nd December 1975. Supreme Counsellor to the Communist regime 1975-1977. Placed under house arrest in Muong Viengxay 1976-1977, then removed to "re-education camps" in the north-eastern province of Houaphan, together with the Queen, the Crown Prince and Prince Sri Savangsa, on 11th March 1977 and not heard of since. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Million Elephants & the White Parasol, Medal of the Reign 1st class of King Sisavang Vong, and Cdr of the Orders of Public Instruction, Agricultural Merit, and Civic Merit (20.11.1950), Knt of the Order of Maha Chakri of Thailand (22.3.1963), Grand Collar of the National Order of Independence of Cambodia (18.4.1963), Collar of the Order of the Chrysanthemum of Japan (11.8.1970), GC of the Royal Order of Cambodia (1959, GO 17.3.1935), Chula Chom Klao of Thailand (21.7.1955), the National Order of Vietnam (1959), Polonia Restituta of Poland (x.3.1963), Truth (Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma) of Burma (20.3.1963), and of the Legion of Honour of France (13.7.1966, GO 1942, Officer 9.8.1941, Knt 13.6.1936), the Orders of the State Crown of Malaysia (DMN), and Ojasvi Rajanya of Nepal (1970), Raja of the Order of Sikatuna of the Philippines, Cdr of the Order of Suvadara of Cambodia, Indochina Campaign Medal of France (1954), etc. m. as his only wife, at the Royal Palace, Luang Prabang, 7th August 1930, H.M. Queen (Samdach Brhat Rajini Akkhara Maha Sri) Kamabuyi [Kham-Phoui] (b. at Ban Meun Na, Luang Prabang, 12th July 1912; d. at Camp No 7, Sop Hao, Houaphan province, ca. 12th December 1981*), rcvd: the Order of Feminine Merit 1st class, Knt of the Order of Maha Chakri (22.3.1963), and GC of the Orders of Chula Chom Klao (21.7.1955) of Thailand, and the Precious Crown of Japan (11.8.1970), daughter of H.R.H. Prince (Anga Sadet Chao Fa Jaya) Kamabana [Kham-Phane], Chao Krum Mahasenapati, of Ban Meun Na, Luang Prabang, by his wife, H.R.H. Princess (Sadet Chao Nying) Kamuni [Kham-oune]. He may have d. at from starvation and the withholding of medical attention, at Camp 01, Sop Hao, Houaphan province, ca. March 1980*) (bur. at point VH 438-745), having had issue, four sons and two daughters:
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* The deaths of King, the Queen and the Crown Prince were reluctantly confirmed by the Communist Lao authorities during a news conference in Paris on 17th December 1989. However, no further details have been released as to the cause of the deaths, the circumstances under which they occurred or the exact dates. An apparent indication of the communist government’s own complicity.
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[1980]  H.R.H. Prince (Anga Sadet Chao Rajadhanadha) Sulinga Varman Savangsa [Soulivong Savang], Head of the Royal House of Laos. b. at the Crown Prince's Villa, Luang Prabang, 8th May 1963, eldest son of H.R.H. Crown Prince (Anga Mahkuta Rajakumara) Varman Savangsa [Vong Savang], by his wife, H.R.H. Crown Princess (Anyi Mahkuta Raja Kumari) Manikyalani [Mahneelai], daughter of H.R.H. Prince Kamabana Panya [Kham-Phan Panya], educ. Dao Houang Sch, at Vat Khili, Luang Prabang, Univ of Auverne (Clermont I), Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne (dipl. Law), and Inst Britannique de Paris, France. Became Heir Apparent on the presumed death of his father, ca. 2nd May 1978. Became Head of the Royal House of Laos on the presumed death of his grandfather, ca. March 1980 (or 13th May 1978). Escaped across the Mekong River from Laos into Thailand together with his second brother, on a raft made of banana palm trunks, 3rd August 1981. Settled in France. Confirmed as successor to his grandfather by the Royal Council in Exile, 1997. Presdt. Fa-Ngum Assoc, the Assembly of Lao Representatives Abroad, etc. m. at Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 10th November 2007, H.H. Princess (Sadu Chao Nying) Chandrasukra [Chansouk Soukthala], daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel H.R.H. Prince (Sadet Chao Jaya) Tanh Soukthala, sometime Military Prosecutor in the Judge Advicate’s Dept of the Royal Lao Army, by his wife, H.H. Princess (Sadu Chao Nying) Buvanachandra Sendayavarman-Angama [Bounchanh Sengthavong-Ounkham] (b. 4th June 1946), elder daughter of H.R.H. Prince Angama [Ounkham]yers
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