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* Note: Spanish sources mention this sultan and his line of descent as Sultan Nula Alam (Nur ul-Alam) or Lixar (Rijal), son of Sultan Aril Lula (Jalil ul-Alam), son of Sultan Salan (Shah Alam), son of Sultan Sulaiman. The last, a direct descendant of a Malay ruler originally from “Cauin”, and entitled Sultan Yusuf, by a Chinese wife. He is said to have reigned 300 years before the Spanish conquest, to have visited China and have been invested by the Emperor. The Royal genealogy was recorded on a golden tablet that was thrown into the open sea by Sultan Rijal when fleeing from his Spanish pursuers in April 1578. At that time, the Spanish having captured several noblemen and servants of the Sultan, interviewed them about his ancestry and recorded what they found. The identification of the rulers in the Spanish text has only been possible by carefully examining the peculiar Spanish transliteration of Malay, then cross-referencing them against those given in the Syair Awang Semaun and in the Silsilah Raja-Raja Brunei. These texts taken individually may have led earlier researchers to conclude that they were entirely different individuals. The use of long regnal names is quite obvious when examining the titles of more recent rulers, together with the list of approved names for sultans given in later versions of the Silsilah Raja-Raja Brunei. Indeed, it is quite likely that the actual reign names and styles may have been much longer then we have been able to record here. Alas, they may only emerge with the further discovery of contemporary personal seal impressions and letters. The Spanish, Philippine and Portuguese archives may still harbour such undiscovered treasures.
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1535 – 1581 H.M. Paduka Sri Sultan Saif ul-Rijal Nur ul-Alam ibni al-Marhum Paduka Sri Begawan Sultan ‘Abdu’l Kahar Jalil ul-Alam [al-Marhum di-Budu]*, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of Brunei Dar us-Salam. b. ca. 1531, third son of H.H. Paduka Sri Begawan Sultan ‘Abdu’l Kahar Jalil ul-Alam ibni al-Marhum Sultan Bolkiah, educ. privately. Succeeded on the abdication of his father, 1535. Attacked and defeated by the Spanish who occupied the capital 16th April 1578, annexed the sultanate 20th April 1578, and destroyed the five-storied mosque 23rd June 1578. Retired to Sungai Budu with his ministers and officials, until he was brought back by Bendahara Sakam when the Spanish left. Styled His Majesty in correspondence from Captain Don Juan Arce Sadornil 23rd March 1579. m. (first) Y.M. Pangiran Putri Siti Kesuma Marwarni, daughter of Y.A.M. Paduka Sri Pangiran Bendahara Sri Maharaja Permaisuara Pangiran ‘Abdu’l Malik ibni al-Marhum Pangiran Bendahara Pangiran Ragum. m. (second) Y.M. Pangiran Putri Khairani (one source suggests that Khairani and Siti Kesuma Marwarni were one and the same). m. (i) a Kedayan lady from Jerudong. m. (ii) Bakut Siraja Muda. m. (iii) Dayang Bongsu. He d. at the Istana Mazagong, Sungei Kadeian, Brunei Town, 1581, having had issue, at least five sons and five daughters:
Sultan Saif ul-Rijal may have also adopted the son of one of his lesser wives, Dayang Bongsu. However, the actual ancestry of this line is very confused. Another account styles him as Pangiran Anak Kasim and says that he was the Sultan’s son by the Kedayan lady from Jerudong. A third source suggests that his wife the daughter of Dayang Bongsu, not her husband Kasim:
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