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1854 - 1863 H.H. Muhammad Sa’id Pasha, Vali of Egypt, Nubia, Darfur, Kordofan and Sennar. b. at Cairo, 17th March 1822, tenth son of H.H. Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha, Vali of Egypt, etc, by his third wife, Ain ul-Hayat Khanum, educ. privately. Cmsnd as Midshipman Egyptian Navy 1840, prom Vice-Admiral 1850, and C-in-C of the Egyptian fleet 1850-1854. Appointed as Heir Presumptive by his father, 1841. Succeeded on the death of his nephew, 13th July 1854. Installed at the Citadel, Cairo, 14th July 1854. Outlawed slavery in the Sudan 1854. Field Marshal, Imperial Ottoman Army and Grand Admiral ION 25/8/1854. Rcvd: the the Order of Glory (Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar), and the Imperial Orders of the Osmans (Nishan-i-Osmanieh) special class in brilliants (1862), and Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidieh) special class in brilliants of Turkey (1853), GC of the Orders of St Joseph of Tuscany, the Netherlands Lion (20.2.1856), Legion of Honour of France (1863), etc.  m. before 1845, Inji Khanum Effendimiz [H.H. Princess Sa’id] (d.s.p. at Alexandria, 5th September 1890, bur. in the Nabi Danial Mosque, Alexandria, and later reburied in the ar-Rifai Mosque, Cairo), a former slave purchased by Princess Khadija Nazli Khanum Effendi [Zorah Pasha] at the age of five or six and then raised as her daughter. m. (a) Malik-par Khanum (d. at Alexandria, October 1890, bur. Nabi Danial Cemetery, Alexandria and later reburied ar-Rifai Mosque, Cairo), a Circassian slave who was raised to the title of Khanum. He d. from tuberculosis at Mahmudiya, Alexandria, 17th January 1863 (bur. in the Nabi Danial Mosque, Alexandria, and later reburied in the ar-Rifai Mosque, Cairo), having had issue, two sons:
  • 1) Prince Mahmud Bey (s/o Malik-par Khanum). He d. young, at Alexandria, 1846.
  • 2) Lieutenant-General H.H. Prince Muhammad Tusun Pasha. b. 30th April 1853 (s/o Malik-par Khanum), educ. privately. Lieut-Gen Imperial Ottoman Army. Raised to the rank of Vizier with three horse-tails December 1872. Dir-Gen of the Navy 1872-1874, Dir-Gen of Education & Charitable Endowments 1874-1875, PC. Rcvd: the Order of Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidieh) 1st class of Turkey. m. (first) 1871, Pashashat-Nur Khanum (b. at Alexandria, 3rd August 1858; d. there, 3rd August 1933). m. (second) 1871, Inji Khanum (d. 1881) m. (third) at the Kasr al-’Ali Palace, Cairo, 23rd January 1873 (nikah) and 30th January 1873 (zifaf), Princess Fatima Khanum [‘‘Um Amina’’] (b. 3rd June 1853; m. second, 1883, H.E. (Sahib us-Sa’ada) Mahmud Sirri Pasha, and d. at Cairo, 18th November 1920), second daughter of H.H. Ismail Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, etc. GCB, GCSI, by his wife, H.H. Princess Shahrat Faza [Shahrit] Kadin Effendimiz. He d. at Alexandria, 10th July 1876 (bur. Nabi Danial Cemetery, Alexandria and later reburied ar-Rifai Mosque, Cairo), having had issue, three sons and two daughters. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • a) Major H.H. Prince Muhammad Sa’id Tusun Bey. b. at Alexandria, 1872 (s/o Inji Khanum), educ. Royal Palace Sch, Cairo, then in Switzerland, France and England. Cmsnd as Sub-Lieut Egyptian Army, prom Adjutant-Major 1/5/1893, ADC to Khedive ‘Abbas Hilmi II 1893-1897, prom Maj 5/5/1894. m. at St George’s Hanover Square, London, (Jul-Sep Q) 1897, Lucy Helen Marriott [Princess Lucia Toussoun] (m. third, at St Marylebone, London, (Jul-Sep Q) 1900 (div.), Arthur Cross or Frederick Wadley (note: England & Wales BMD Index shows marriage to both!). m. fourth, at St Marylebone, London, (Apr-Jun Q) 1911, Captain Gilbert Henry Turner, late ELR, and d. at St John’s Wood, London, 19th April 1925), an Englishwoman, widow of Henry Francis Maguire. He d.s.p. at Alexandria, 6th January 1898.
    • b) H.H. Prince Muhammad ‘Umar Tusun Pasha [Prince Omar Pasha Toussoun]. b. at Alexandria, 8th September 1872 (s/o Pashashat-Nur Khanum), educ. Royal Palace Sch, Cairo, then in Switzerland, France and England. Historian and author, he contributed towards the education of a number of young men, and donated a fortune to universities and hospitals. Some 2000 needy families in Cairo and 300 villages in Upper Egypt were being supported by him at his death. Dir Horse Cmsn 1902-1908. Presdt Egyptian Olympic Cttee 1910-1934, Royal Agricultural Soc 1932-1944 (Vice-Presdt 1907-1932), Alexandria Museum, Soc of Coptic Archaeology, Egyptian Cttee for the Succour of Tripoli, Jockey Club of Egypt (JCE), etc. Hon Presdt Royal Archaeological Soc of Alexandria. Hon Vice-Presdt Club Royal Egyptien de Chasse (CREC). Co-Chair Ethiopia Cttee 1935-1936. Author of “Memoire sur l’histoire du Nil” (1925), “Butulat ur-urtat us-sudaniya fi harb ul-Maksik” (1933), “Al-Jaysh al-Misri fi al-Harb al-Rusiya al-ma’ruf bi Harb al-Qurm 1853-1855” (1936), “Tarikh mudiriyat khatt ul-istiwa’ ul-misriya” (1937), “Mudhakkara bi-ma sadar anna mundhu fajr al-Haraka al-Wataniyya al-Misriya” (1942), etc. Rcvd: GC of the Order of Muhammad ‘Ali, and the Order of the Supreme Sun of Afghanistan 1st class (22.12.1927). m. at Alexandria, 11th August 1898, H.H. Princess Bahija Khanum Effendi (b. at Cairo, 24th June 1877; d. 1945), third daughter of Field Marshal H.H. Prince Hasan Ismail Pasha, by his wife, H.H. Princess Khadija Khanum Effendi, second daughter of H.E. Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha. He d. at Alexandria, 26th January 1944 (bur. Khedive Tawfik Mausoleum, Kait Bey, Cairo), having had issue, two sons and two daughters:
      • i) H.H. Prince Muhammad Sa’id Tusun Bey. b. at the Mahmudia Palace, Alexandria, 6th January 1901 (own biography in Who’s Who 1949), educ. privately. Granted the title of Nabil 21st June 1922 and succeeded his father in the title of Prince and style of His Highness, 26th January 1944. Settled in France 1958. Presdt Council of Admin of Fu’ad I Hospital (Al-Maassat), Alexandria Rotary Club, Alexandria Sporting Club (ASC), Alexandria Racing Club (ARC), Muhammad ‘Ali Club of Alexandria and The Jockey Club of Egypt, Patron Assoc. ‘El-Choubane al-Mouslimme’, etc. Rcvd: GC of the Order of Muhammad ‘Ali. m. (first) at Alexandria, Egypt, 4th November 1931 (div. ca. 1949) Mahivash Aziza Khanum (b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 12th May 1915; m. second, Skender de Villa, racehorse proprietor, and d. at Paris, France, 1st January 1996), styled Princess with the style of Her Highness between her marriage and divorce, only daughter of (Sahib ul-Izza) Husain Shirin Bey, by his wife, H.H. Princess Amina Bihruz Khanum Effendi, daughter of H.H. Prince Ibrahim Rashid Fazil Pasha. m. (second) ca. 1949, Nawal [H.H. Princess Nawal Sa’id Tusun] [Nannou] (m. second, Olivier Charles Humbert Marie, Marquis de La Moussaye, former husband of Princess Isabelle Marguerite Jeanne Pauline de Broglie, and d. from cancer at Deauville, France, 1990), daughter of (Sahib ul-Izza) Aziz Zaki Bey, by his wife, Iffat Khanum, daughter of (Sahib ul-Izza) Hassan Hilmi Bey. He d. at Paris, 13th February 1980 (bur. Thiais-Parisien Cemetery), having had issue, two sons and one daughter by his first wife, and one son by his second:
        • (1) H.H. Prince Muhammad Husain Tusun [Prince Hussein Toussoun]. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 18th July 1937 (s/o Mahivash Aziza), educ. Victoria Coll, Alexandria, Egypt, Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, and Univ de Lausanne (Lic. Sci. Com. & Econ. 1962), Lausanne, Switzerland. Naturalized as a French Citizen 1976. PR & Communications Consultant since 1990. Vice-Chair Council of Admin du Souvenir de Ferdinand de Lesseps et du Canal de Suez since 2008. Mbr Assoc Suisse des amis de la fondation Saine-Catherine since 1999, etc. m. (first) at the Royal Opera Rotunda, Stockholm, Sweden, 4th November 1966 (div. 1971), H.H. Princess Helen Toussoun-Friberg (b. at Stockholm, Sweden, 1940), sometime dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet and film actor under the name of “Helene Friberg”, second daughter of Professor Sten Axel Friberg, MD, PhD, sometime Rector of The Royal Caroline Medico-Surgical Inst (Karolinska Inst), Stockholm, Sweden, by his second wife, Gudrun, daughter of Alfred Modéen, sometime state inspector. m. (second) at Paris, France, 1972, H.H. Princess Munira Tusun (b. at Beirut, the Lebanon, 17th February 1942), née Mounira Jamal Eddine, educ. École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France, artist and painter, naturalized as a French Citizen 1976, Mbr Soc des Artistes Indépendants (Paris). He has issue, two daughters by his second wife:
          • (a) Nabila Yasmina Toussoun. b. at Paris, France, 18th November 1972. Naturalized as a French Citizen 1976. Museum curator.
          • (b) Nabila Karima Toussoun. b. at Paris, France, 8th May 1975, educ. Reims Management Sch (RMS) (Sup de Co 1999), Reims, France. Naturalized as a French Citizen 1976. Mngr French Institutional Clients at JP Morgan Investment Management in London 1999-2001, Vice-Presdt (Private Clients) with JP Morgan Private Bank in Paris 2001-2010, Snr Private Banker with Credit Suisse Banque Privée (France) since 2010.
        • (2) Nabil Hassan Sa’id Toussoun. b. at Cairo, Egypt, 15th December 1940 (s/o Mahivash Aziza), educ. Victoria Coll, Alexandria, Egypt, Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, and Univ de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, and the Univ of the Sorbonne (Paris IV) (MA 1977), Paris, France. Settled in West Kensington, London. Co-author “La campagne de Syrie (septembre 1840-janvier 1841)” (1977). Mbr Soc de Géographie (Paris) 1979. m. at Washington DC, USA, 1982, Nabila Irama Andreina Herrera de Toussoun (b. at Caracas, Venezuela, 10th November 1947), Dir Adriatica Insurance S.A. 1965-2002. He has issue, two sons:
          • (a) Nabil Selim Toussoun. b. at New York City, USA, 4th December 1984. Vintner.
          • (b) Nabil Farid Toussoun. b. at Caracas, Venezuela, 21st June 1988. Settled in Waltham Forrest, London. Parkour Performer with the Rhythmkour Collective, freelance performer, teacher & youth mentor London Borough of Waltham Forrest.
        • (3) Nabil ‘Abdu’l Aziz Muhammad Omar Tusun [Prince Abdel Aziz Mohammad Omer Toussoun]. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 1951 (s/o Nawal). Assoc Sotheby’s Europe (Paris). Hon Mbr Royal Inst Mohamed Ali. He began proceedings in the Egyptian courts in 1998 to recover his grandfather’s possessions, illegally confiscated during the revolution. m. Abir [Princess Abdel’ Aziz Toussoun], née Ikshid, Hon Presdt “Palestine Avenir”.
        • (1) Nabila Bahija Amina Nazrin Khanum Effendi [Princess Nesrine Toussoun]. b. 10th June 1948 (d/o Mahivash Aziza). Dir Soc Toussoun Nesrine Emina since 2006.
    • ii) Nabil Hasan Tusun Bey [H.H. Prince Hassan Toussoun]. b. at Alexandria, 2nd December 1901. Granted the title of Nabil 21st June 1922. Mbr Comité d’Alexandrie, Council of Admin of the Assoc des Propriétaires des Chevaux de Courses en Egypte, Muhammad Ali Club, Alexandria Sporting Club (ASC), Alexandria Racing Club (ARC), RYCE, The Royal Automobile Club of Egypt (RACE), General Sports Club (Alexandria), etc. m. 1940, as her first husband, Nabila Fatima Sharifa (b. at Cairo, Egypt, 19th April 1923; m. second, at Sintra, Portugal, 29th April 1949 (div. 1971), Lieutenant-Colonel H.R.H. Prince Dom João Maria Felipe Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orleans e Bragança - see Brazil. m. third, Eduardo Bahout, and d. at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 14th March 1990, having had further issue by her second husband), daughter of (Sahib ul-Izza) Husain Ismail Shirin Bey, by his wife, Aisha Khanum, née Mussalam. He d. from wounds received in a car crash at Sanlieu, Cote d’Azure, Alpes-Maritimes, France, 15th November 1946, having had issue, an only daughter:
      • (1) Nabila Malik-Par Tusun [Princess Melekper Toussoun] [Melly]. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 14th January 1943, educ. The English Sch, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, Washington High Sch, Washington DC, USA, Colégio Santa Úrsula (CSU), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and l’École Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT), Paris, France.
    • i) Nabila Amina Inji Khanum Effendi [Princess Emina Indji Toussoun Bretsch]. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 2nd February 1903 (or 2nd February 1907 in US deaths record), educ. privately. Granted the title of Nabil 21st June 1922. Mbr American Kennel Club, Raleigh City Club, etc. m. (first) at Giza, Egypt, 22nd April 1922, as his second wife (div. 2nd December 1924) H.H. Prince Omar Ibrahim Halim Bey Effendi (b. at Yeniköy, Bosphorus, Turkey, 16th February 1898; k. when his car collided with a lorry near the village of Ponchartrain, Yvelines, Île-de-France, France, 1st June 1954, bur. Bobigny Muslim Cemetery, Seine-Saint-Denis), younger son of H.H. Prince Muhammad Sa’id Halim Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, by his wife, H.H. Princess Amina Inji Khanum Effendi, second daughter of Lieutenant-General H.H. Prince Muhamad Tusun Pasha. m. (second) at Cairo, Egypt, 14th November 1932 (div. 1933), ‘Ali Kamal Bey, son of Kamal Pasha. m. (third) 13th April 1948, Commander Cornelius Beckham Bretsch (b. at Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 21st May 1913; d. at Washington DC, USA, 29th October 1980), educ. Univ of North Carolina (BSc Com 1934), Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Georgetown Univ (MSc Econ 1937), Washington DC, USA, Jnr Housing Economist in the Economics & Statistics Dvsn of the Fed Housing Admin 1934-1943, served with USN during WWII 1943-1945, retd as Cdr 1946, Financial Analyst 1946-1948, Trustee Tousssoun Estate of Egypt 1948-1953, Partner & Vice-Presdt Votrobe Inc of Washington DC 1955-1958, Trustee Horton-Berkhom Estate of Raleigh, NC, Mbr American Statistical Assoc, Raleigh City Club, etc, son of Albert Bretsch, of Raleigh, Wake co, North Carolina, USA, by his wife, Mrs Sallie Fletcher Bretsch, daughter of Cornelius Henry Beckham, of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. She d. at Georgetown, Washington DC, USA, 1st July 1982.
    • ii) Izmat Tusun Khanum Effendi. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 17th March 1904, educ. privately. She d. at Alexandria, Egypt, 18th June 1918 (bur. Nabi Danial Cemetery, Alexandria and later reburied ar-Rifai Mosque, Cairo).Copyright© Christopher Buyers
  • c) H.E. Muhammad Jamil Tusun Pasha. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 1st January 1874 (s/o Princess Fatima), educ. privately. Joined Ottoman Foreign Servoce, First Sec Vienna 1903, Attaché Turkish Embassy at Paris 1914, and Hon Councillor at Vienna. Granted the rank and title of civil Mîrmîran Pasha with two horse-tails 1914. Deprived of his princely rank, styles and titles 28th November 1931. Presdt The Royal Automobile Club of Egypt (RACE) 1924-1931. Mbr Royal Agricultural Soc (Cairo), Egyptian Exploration Soc, Inst Français d’Archéologie Orientale du Caire, etc. m. at Koubbeh Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 8th January 1896 (div. 14th November 1903) H.H. Princess Ni’matu’llah [Nama] Khanum Effendi (b. at the Palace of Shubra, Cairo, Egypt, 4th November 1881; m. second, at Cairo, Egypt, 5th May 1904, General H.S.H. Prince Husain Kamal ud-din Pasha, and d. at Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France, 1965, bur. there at the cimetière de Caucade), youngest daughter of H.H. Muhammad Tawfik Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, etc. GCB, GCSI, by his wife, H.H. Princess Amina Najiya Kadin Effendimiz, the Valida Sultana, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General H.H. Damad Prince Ibrahim al-Hami Pasha. He d. at Toulouse, Garonne, France, 6th August 1932, having had issue, an only son:
    • i) H.E. (Sahib ud-Daula) Nabil Adil Tusun Pasha. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 28th November 1896, educ. Victoria Coll, Alexandria. Joined Egyptian Foreign Service, Attaché London 1925. Granted the ranks and titles of Nabil 21st June 1922, and Pasha 16th January 1924. Mbr The Royal Automobile Club of Egypt (RACE). m. (first) at Cairo, Egypt, 16th January 1924, Nabila Amina Khanum (b. 1906; d. from the effects of childbirth, at Kamal ud-din Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 3rd May 1925), sister of H.M. Queen Nazli, and younger daughter of H.E. (Sahib al-Maali) ‘Abdu’r Rahim Pasha Sabri, sometime Minister of Agriculture and Governor of Cairo, by his wife, Tawfika Khanum, daughter of Major-General H.E. (Sahib ud-Daula) Muhammad Sharif Pasha, GCSI, sometime Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs. m. (second) at Cairo, Egypt, 29th June 1926 (div. 19th April 1927) Najiya Khanum (b. 1908), née Muhib. He d. at Rabat, Morocco, 27th July 1956, having had issue, an only son by his first wife:
      • (1) Nabil Muhammad Tawfik Tusun Bey [H.H. Prince Tewfik Adil Toussoun] [Dr T. A. Toussoun]. b. at Kamal ud-din Palace, Cairo, Egypt, 18th April 1925 (s/o Amina), educ. Victoria Coll, Alexandria, Egypt, Dartmouth Coll, Hanover, New Hampshire, Cornell Univ (AB 1948), New York, and Univ of California, USA (PhD 1957), Berkeley, California, USA. Lecturer at the Univ of California, Professor of Plant Pathology snd Co-Dir Fusarium Research Center, Coll of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State Univ 1984-2005, Professor Emeritus 2005. Joint editor of “Root Diseases and Soil-Borne Pathogens” (1970), “Fusarium” (1976), etc. m. (first) Barbara Dorn Toussoun [H.H. Princess Barbara Toussoun] (b. at Salem, Marion Co, Oregon, USA, 10th March 1909; d. at Boalsburg, Centre Co, Pennsylvania, USA, 3rd February 1989, bur. there, Boalsburg Cemetery), interior designer, Presdt Barbara Dorn Assocs Inc, American Soc of Interior Design (ASID), etc, former wife of Dean Mortimer Dorn, and daughter of Joseph Vincent Robinson, of New York, USA. m. (second) Mrs Joani Toussoun [H.H. Princess Joani Toussoun] (b. at Quincy, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts, USA, 29th January 1933; d. at Contra Costa, California, USA, 21st April 2011, crem. ashes bur. Boalsburg Cemetery, Pennsylvania), educ. Emmanuel Coll, née Joani-Elizabeth Dunphy, former wife of Dr Claude Joubert, MD, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and of Tema, Ghana (by whom she had one daughter), and daughter of John Francis Dunphy, of Tampa, Hillsborough Co, Florida, USA, by his wife, Claire Elaine, daughter of Charles Edouard Alfred Philippe Bazinet, of Quincy, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts, USA, originally from Joliette, Québec, Canada. He d.s.p. at La Quinta, Riverside Co, California, USA, 3rd April 2021.
  • a) H.H. Princess Tawhida Ismat Murshida Khanum Effendi. b. 17th March 1875 (d/o Princess Fatima). m. General H.E. Ahmad Jalal ud-din Pasha, a slave of bought and educated by Sultan ‘Abdu’l Hamid when he was heir to the Ottoman throne, and later became his principal confidant and Head of the Intelligence Service (Serhafiye), son of ‘Abdu’r Rahman, a Circassian. She d. at Alexandria, 5th May 1904.
  • b) H.H. Princess Amina Inji Khanum Effendi [H.H. Princess Amina Inji Sa’id Halim]. b. 3rd January 1876 (d/o Um Amina Khanum). Rcvd: the Order of Charity (Nishan-i-Shafakat) 1st class of Turkey. m. 1890, H.H. Prince Muhammad Sa’id Halim Pasha (b. at Shubrã al-Khaima, Cairo, 18th January 1865; assassinated at Rome, 6th December 1921), sometime Grand Vizier of Turkey, eldest son of H.H. Prince Muhammad ‘Abdu’l-Halim Pasha, by his first wife, Vijdan Khanum. She d. at Yeniköy, Bosphorus, 31st May 1915, having had issue, two sons – see above.
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