The Zagwe Dynasty


16 - 919 AD Mara Takla Haymanot

919 - 959 AD Tatadim

959 - 999 AD Jan Seyum

999 - 1039  Germa Seyum

1039 - 1079 Yemrehana Krestos

1079 - 1119  Kedus Harbe

1119 - 1159 Lalibela

1159 - 1207 Na'akueto La'ab

1207 - 1247  Yetbarak

1247 - 1262 Mairari

1262 - 1270 Harbai

The Zagwe continued to rule in Lasta until ca. 1330, and provided the governors of that province, thereafter.
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Wagshum Kinfu. He had issue:
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Waghsum Tafari Wossen (first time) - see below.
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Wagshum Gabre Medhin, son of a daughter of Wagshum Kinfu. Governor of Lasta 18xx-1858. m. (first) Woizero Aitchesh (m. second, Dejazmatch Wolde Kirkos, of Wadla, by whom she had further issue), sister of Dejazmatch Mashasha, of Lasta, and a descendant of Princess Imete Yeworq Weha, of Geza, of the Solomonic line. m. (second) … He was k. (hanged) on the Plain of Zebit, by Emperor Tewodorus II, March 1858, having had issue, two sons and a daughter:
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1868 - 1871 H.M. Emperor Takla Giyorgis II, Elect of God and King of Kings of Ethiopia. b. ca.1836, as Gobaze Gabre Medhin, eldest son of Waghsum Gabre Medhin, Governor of Lasta, by his wife, Woizero Aitchesh, educ. privately. Succeeded his father as Waghsum and Governor of Lasta 1858. Assumed the title of Emperor 11th June 1868. Crowned at Debre Zebit, August 1868. Defeated and deposed at the battle of Assam, near Adowa, 11th July 1871. Imprisoned with his sons at Amba Abba Gerima.. m. (first) Woizerom. (second) at Tigray, 1866, H.M. Empress (Itege) Dinqinash (b. 1833; m. second, Ras Bitwoded Gabre Kidane Zammu, and d. at Mekele, August 1907), and daughter of Dejazmatch Mirtcha Wolde Kidane, Shum Temben, sister of H.I.M. Emperor Yohannes IV. He d. in captivity at Amba Abba Gerima, 1872, having had issue, two sons and a daguhter:
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1868 - 1873 Waghsum Tafari Wossen, son of Waghsum Wossen. Replaced by Wagshum Gabre Medhin. Imprisoned at Magdala until 1868. Freed by British forces and reappointed 1868. He d. on campaign in Gojjam, December 1873, having had issue, a son:
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1874 - 1877 & 1905 Waghsum Kabada Tafari. Succeeded on the death of his father, December 1873. Deposed October 1877. Restored by Menelik II, ca. 21st January 1905. He had issue, a son:
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1877 - 1897 Wagshum Biru Gabre Medhin, younger son of Wagshum Gabre Medhin, son of a daughter of Wagshum Kinfu. Governor of Lasta 18xx-1858. m. (first) Woizero Aitchesh. Served under Emperors Yohannes IV and Menelik II. He d. 1897, having had issue:
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1897 - 1904 Wagshum Gwangul Biru. He d. at Quorum, September 1904.
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