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Al-Hashimi Dynasty


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1921 - 1951 H.M. ‘Abdu’llah I, by the help of God, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of the Jordan, GCMG (3.6.1935, KCMG 3.6.1927), GBE (m 11.3.1920). b. at Mecca, Arabia, November 1881, third son of H.M. Hussein I, Caliph al-Islam, King of the Hijaz, Commander of the Faithful, Grand Sharif and Amir of Mecca, GCB, by his first wife Sharifa Abdiya bint ‘Abdu’llah, daughter of H.H. Amir ‘Abdu’llah Pasha, Grand Sharif of Mecca, educ. Istanbul, Turkey. Deputy for Mecca in the Turkish Parliament 1911-1916 (sometime Vice-Chair), GOC Arab Eastern Army 1916-1919, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Hijaz 1916-1920, provisional Governor of East Palestine 1920. Proclaimed at Damascus by the Syrian Congress as King of Iraq, 8th March 1920, but never formally assumed that title. Proclaimed as Amir of Transjordan with the style of His Highness, 7th April 1921. Attended the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey, 12th May 1937. Installed as King of the Hashimite Kingdom of Transjordan with the style of His Majesty when the country attained full independence, 25th May 1946. Assumed the title of King of the Hashimite Kingdom of the Jordan, 2nd June 1949. Founded the Orders of Hussein ibn Ali and the Star of Jordan on 22nd June 1949. Field Marshal, Jordan Arab Army 1948. Hon Col Transjordan Frontier Force 1/4/1926-1948. Hon Air Cdre RAF 30/10/1940. Hon Field Marshal Egyptian Army 1949. Rcvd: Silver Jubilee (1935) and Coron (1937) medals, the Grand Order of the Hashimites (1932), the 1st class of the Orders of Feisal I (1932) and the Two Rivers (1922) of Iraq, the Collar of the Order of Muhammad ‘Ali of Egypt (25.6.1948), the Grand Collar of the Order of Pahlavi of Iran (28.2.1949), GC of the Orders of Military Merit in white of Spain (6.9.1949), Omayyad of Syria (1950), etc. m. (first) at Stinia Palace, Istanbul, Turkey, 1904, H.M. Queen Musbah (b. at Mecca, 1884; d. at Irbid, Jordan, 15th March 1961), elder twin daughter of H.H. Amir Nasser Pasha, by his wife, Dilber Khanum m. (second) at Istanbul, Turkey, 1913, H.H. Princess Suzdil Khanum (d. at the Raghadan Palace, Amman, 16th August 1968, and bur. there at the Royal Mausoleum), daughter of ‘Ali. m. (third) at Amman, 1949, Nahda bint Uman (d.s.p.), a Sudanese lady. He d. (assassinated) at the al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, 20th July 1951 (bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman), having had issue two sons and three daughters:
  • 1) H.M. Talal, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of the Jordan (s/o Queen Musbah) - see below.
  • 2) Colonel H.R.H. Prince Naif. b. at Taif, Arabia, 14th November 1914 (s/o Princess Suzdil), educ. Victoria Coll, Alexandria and Govt Arab Coll, Jerusalem. Cmsnd as Lieut Transjordan Frontier Force, prom Hon Maj 1/4/1926, Col Jordan Arab Army. Presdt Tribal Courts 1938. Heir Apparent and Regent of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan 20th July to 3rd September 1951. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Renaissance (special class), Independence, and the Star of Jordan, and Civil Merit of Spain (5.9.1949), the Order of the Two Rivers 1st class of Iraq, etc. m. at Ma’adi, Cairo, Egypt, 30th September 1940 (nikah) and at Amman, Jordan, 7th October 1940 (zifaf) (div.), H.R.H. Princess Mihr-i-Mah Naif (b. at Haidarpasha Kasri, Istanbul, Turkey, 11th November 1922; d. from blood cancer, at Amman, Jordan, 30th March 2000, and bur. Sultan Rishad Mausoleum, Eyub, Istanbul), née H.I.H. Princess Mihr-i-Mah Sultana, youngest daughter of Lieutenant-General H.I.H. Prince Muhammad Zia ud-din Effendi, GCVO, by his fifth wife, Nashamand Khanum Effendi. He d. at Amman, 12th October 1983 (bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman), having had issue, two sons:
    • a) H.R.H. Prince ‘Ali. b. at Amman, 10th August 1941, educ. RMA Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey. Cmsnd as 2nd Lieut Jordan Arab Army, served in the Arab-Israeli War 1967 with 3rd Armoured Bde, Intelligence Officer attached to 3rd Royal Armoured Dvsn 1970, Private Chamberlain to King ‘Abdu’llah II 1999-2005, Private Secretary since 2005. Chair Royal Documentation Centre, Board of Trustees of Tafila Technical Univ (TTU), etc. m. (first) at Amman, 11th April 1966 (div.), H.R.H. Princess Wijdan ‘Ali (b. at Baghdad, Iraq, 29th August 1939), educ. Sisters of Nazareth Convent, Amman, American Univ of Beirut (BA 1961), Univ Coll and SOAS, London (MA 1991, PhD 1993), entered Jordanian Foreign Service (first woman) 1962, Representative at UN General Assembly New York 1962, and UNESCO Geneva 1962, resig 1966, Editor of Islamic art for the Encyclopaedia of Islamic Culture, Dir of Research and Studies at Amman Inst of Diplomacy, teacher and lecturer at Yarmouk Univ, and the Higher Institute for Islamic Art and Architecture, Dean Faculty of Arts and Design of the Univ. of Jordan 2002-2006, Ambassador to Italy & San Marino since 2006, painter, teacher and author since 1964, Founder Presdt Royal Soc of Fine Arts (Amman) since 1979 and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 1980, Vice-Presdt Jordan Inst of Diplomacy, Mbr Arab Thought Forum, World Affairs Council and the Brd of Governors of the International Centre for Islamic Studies (London), Hon Dr Kabardino Balkarian State Univ (Moscow) (2004), daughter of Sharif Fawwaz al-Muhanna, architect, by his wife Sharifa Nafia, younger daughter of Sharif Jamil ‘Ali Bey, sometime Governor of the Hauran and Rais al-Dewan. m. (second) at Amman, 10th September 2005, Reema Nayef, née Al-Masry [Rima al-Masri], educ. UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA (BA), Associate with Qays Zu’bi Attorneys & Legal Consultants in Bahrain. He had issue, one son and three daughters by his first and one son by his second wife:
      • i) H.R.H. Prince Mohammed al-Abbas bin Ali. b. 17th February 1973 (s/o Wijdan). m. H.R.H. Princess Sima Abbas, née Ghanem, educ. McGill Univ, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (B.Com. 1998), employed with UNICEF, an advertising firm, sometime school teacher and The Linen Store (has a younger sister Lana). He has issue, one son and two daughters:
        • (1) H.R.H. Prince Hamzah al-Abbas. b. at Amman, 17th April 2007.
        • (1) H.R.H. Princess Karma al-Abbas. b. 2003.
        • (2) H.R.H. Princess Rania al-Abbas. b. 2005. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
      • ii) H.R.H. Prince Ja’afar bin Ali. b. at Amman, 27th April 2007 (s/o Reema).
      • i) H.R.H. Princess Na’afa bint ‘Ali. b. 27th December 1966 (d/o Wijdan). Mngr Al-Kutaifa Estate.
      • ii) H.R.H. Princess Rajwa bint ‘Ali. b. 29th June 1968 (d/o Wijdan). Artist and sculptor. Hon Presdt Balqa Plastic Arts Soc. Mbr Brd of Trustees National Gallery of Fine Arts.
      • iii) Major H.R.H. Princess Basma Fatima bint ‘Ali. b. 24th March 1970 (d/o Wijdan), educ. RMA Sandhurst, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst, Massachusetts, USA. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut Jordan Arab Army, prom Maj, head of the Human Resources Dvsn. Chair Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Soc (JREDS) since 1993, National Environment and Wildlife Soc (NEWS) since 1996, Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Dvpt and the Red Crescent Soc. Co-Chair Royal Marine Conservation Soc of Jordan (JREDS). Hon Presdt Fertile Crescent Soc of the Middle East, and the Planetary Coral Reef Foundn (California, USA). Founder and Presdt Royal Botanical Garden at Tel Al Rumman, and Pilot Phase Assessment Ctee of Jordan for the Global Environmental Facility. Dir Halfway House for Juvenile Delinquents (Boston, USA). Mbr Soc for the Preservation of Jordanian Heritage, RAC of Jordan, etc. Rcvd: Al-Hussein Order of Merit 4th class (1998), King Hussein Gold Medal for Excellence, and the Medal for Administrative Competence (1995). m. at Amman, 2004, Amjad Farrah (b. 17th January 1967), motor rally driver with the Orion World (HKJ) racing team since 1988, Jordanian International Rally Champion and winner of the FIA Middle East Championship for Drivers 2004.
    • b) H.R.H. Prince Asem Abu Bakar bin Naif. b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 27th April 1948, educ. Millfield Sch, Street, Somerset, and London Univ (B.Sc. 1972). Interior Architect, and worked as such in Spain 1972-1974, returned to Jordan and established his own interior design and other businesses 1974, Lecturer in Interior Design at Petra Univ 1996-1998. Hon Presdt Soc for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) in Jordan. Vice-Presdt Royal Jordanian Equestrian Fed. Presdt Al Saher Security Co 1993, Jordan Vision Co for Telecommunications, MD Al-Saher Security, Jordan Vision Co, etc. m. (first) at Kensington, London, 1973 (div. 1985) Princess Firouzeh Nayef Vokhshouri (b. at Tehran, Iran, 7th August 1948), Attaché at the Jordanian Embassy in Madrid since 1992, who enjoyed the personal style of Her Royal Highness from the date of her marriage until May 2004, daughter of Hamid Vokhshouri, of Tehran, Iran, by his wife, Aghdas Khanum. m. (second) at Amman, 6th January 1986, H.R.H. Princess Sana Asem (b. at Amman, 16th November 1960), educ. BA in English Literature and Translation, second daughter of Hajji Adnan bin Maulad Kalimat, sometime Mukhtar of the Adigah (Circassians) of Amman and Presdt Circasian Tribal Council, by his wife, Amina, daughter of Omar Shurdom. He had issue, three daughters by his first wife, and one son and two daughters by his second wife:
      • i) H.R.H. Prince Nayef bin Asem. b. at Amman, 22nd January 1998 (s/o Sana’a), educ. Amman Baccalaureate Sch, Amman. Partner & CEO Data Analytica since 2021. Presdt West Asia Fed of Muay Thai Sports. Hon Presdt Muay Thai Sports Fed since 2017. m. at Amman, 12th April 2021, H.R.H. Princess Farah Asem, elder daughter of H.E. Sharif Nasser bin ‘Abdu’l Majid al-Haymaq al-Barakati, by his wife, Shahnaz al-Kilani [Umm Zaid], daughter of Dr Zaid al-Kilani, sometime Senator, obstetrician and gynaecologist and Dir of Farah Maternity Hospital in Amman.
      • i) H.R.H. Princess Yasmine bint Asem. b. at Amman, 30th June 1975 (d/o Firouzeh), educ. Amman Baccalaureate Sch, Amman, Emerson Coll (BA Geography), Boston, and Clark Univ (MA Organizational and Political Communication 1999), Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Jordanian Delegate to Amman Baccalaureate Peace Conference 1991, and Hawaii Environmental Conference 1992, Clark Univ International Students Stream 1995-1999. Mbr National Communication Assoc (NCA) Political Communication Dvsn Panel Discussion “Emerging Democratic Influences in the Middle East” 2004. m. at Amman, 31st August 2005 (nikah) and at Aqaba, 2nd September 2005 (zifaf), Vassilios Basel Tuma Costandi Yaghnam (b. 1977), educ. Worcester Polytechnic Inst, Worcester (B.Sc. 1999, M.Sc. 2004), and Harvard Divinity Sch, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (Th.M.), son of Tuma Costandi Yaghnam, of Amman, Jordan, CEO of the Modern Flour Mills and the Macaroni Factories Co, by his wife, Mrs Reneé Yaghnam. She has issue, two sons:
        • (1) Hamzah Basel Yaghnam. b. at Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 28th April 2008.
        • (2) Kiyan Basel Yaghnam. b. at Amman, 22nd June 2009.
      • ii) H.R.H. Princess Sarah bint Asem. b. at Amman, 12th August 1978 (d/o Firouzeh), educ. Amman Baccalaureate Sch, Amman, and Emerson Coll (MA), Boston, Massachusetts, USA. m. at Amman, 26th June 2008 (nikah), Alejandro Garrido. She has issue, a son and a daughter:
        • (1) Talal Alejandro Garrido Asem. b. at Madrid, Spain, December 2008.
        • (1) Lola Alejandra Garrido Asem. b. December 2010.
      • iii) H.R.H. Princess Noor bint Asem. b. at Amman, 6th October 1982 (d/o Firouzeh), educ. King’s Coll, Madrid, Spain, and Emerson Coll, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Attaché at the Jordanian Embassy in Madrid since 2010. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Star of Jordan, and the Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands (30.10.2006). m. (first) at al-Baraka Palace, Amman, 29th August 2003 (nikah) and at the Zahran Palace, Amman, 27th May 2004 (zifaf) (div. there, 9th September 2009), Lieutenant-Colonel H.R.H. Prince Hamzah bin al-Hussein (b. at Amman, 29th March 1980), fourth son of H.M. Hussein I, by the help of God, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, GCB, GCVO, GCStJ, Royal Victorian Chain, by his fourth wife, H.M. Queen Noor al-Hussein, GCStJ, daughter of Najeeb Elias Halaby. m. (second) Amman, 15th March 2018 (nikah) and at the King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre (KHBTCC), Sweimeh, Jordan, 22nd June 2018 (zifaf), Amr bin Farid bin Zidan [Amr F. Zedan] (b. at Los Angeles, California, USA, 17th September 1974), educ. Dhahran Ahliyya High Sch, Doha Al Janubiyah, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Texas A&M Univ, College Station, Texas, and the Univ of the Pacific (B.Eng. 1997), Sacramento, California, USA, American-Saudi businessman, Chair, Group Presdt & CEO The Zedan Group, Chair Saudi Polo Fed, Patron of Zedan Polo Team, Proprietor Zedan Racing Stables, son of H.E. Dr Farid bin Muhammad bin Zidan, sometime Professor and Dean of Engineering at King Fahd Univ of Petroleum and Minerals, and Chair Saudi Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority, by his wife, ... Azouni. She had issue, one daughter by her first husband (see below) and one son by her second husband:
        • (1) Talal bin Amr Zidan. b. at Amman, 27th March 2019.
      • iv) H.R.H. Princess Salha bint Asem. b. at Amman, 14th June 1987 (d/o Sana’a), educ. Amman Baccalaureate Sch, and Princess Haya Educ Centre, Amman, Culver Academic Sch, Indiana, USA, St Clare’s Coll, Oxford (Summer Sch), and Edinburgh Univ, Scotland. m. at Amman, 4th April 2011, Muhammad Hashim Haj-Hassan. She has issue, one son and one daughter:
        • (1) Hashim Haj-Hassan. b. 2012.
        • (1) Aisha Haj-Hassan. b. 27th May 2013.
      • v) H.R.H. Princess Nejla bint Asem. b. at Amman, 9th May 1988 (d/o Sana’a), educ. Amman Baccalaureate Sch, Amman, Middlesex Univ, Dubai, and Goldsmiths’ Coll, London. m. at Amman, 12th June 2014 (nikah) 23rd October 2014 (zifaf), Nasser Osama Talhouni, educ. Belmont High Sch, Belmont, Massachusetts, USA, and The Univ of Jordan, Amman, son of Dr Osama Mohammed Yassine Talhouni, sometime Chair Union of Grain Millers Co-operative and Presdt Jordanian-Russian Friendship Soc. She has issue, two daughters:
        • (1) Karima Talhouni. b. at Amman, 6th January 2016.
        • (2) Shayma Talhouni. b. at Amman, 11th September 2018.
  • 1) H.R.H. Princess Haya. b. at Constantinople, Turkey, 1907 (d/o Queen Musbah). m. at Amman, 10th June 1943, H.H. Prince ‘Abdu’l-Karim Ja’afar Zeid Dhaoui (b. 1914), sometime Senator of the Kingdom of Jordan, son of Sharif Ja’afar bin ‘Ali Jabbar Zeid Dhaoui, by his wife, Hatija [Khadija], daughter of Muhi ud-din. She d. at Amman, 1990 (bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman) - see Hijaz.
  • 2) H.R.H. Princess Munira. b. at Mecca, Arabia, 1915 (d/o Queen Musbah). She d. unm. at Amman, 1987 (bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman).
  • 3) H.R.H. Princess Maqbula. b. at Mecca, Arabia, 6th February 1921 (d/o Princess Suzdil). m. at Amman, 1943, H.H. Prince Hussein bin Nasser Bey, GCVO (b. at Taif, Arabia, 30th November 1902; d. at Amman, 1st May 1982, bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman), sometime Prime Minister, Lord Chamberlain and Minister of the Royal Court, sixth son of H.H. Prince Nasser bin ‘Ali Pasha, sometime Deputy Grand Sharif of Mecca, by his second wife, Perendis Khanum. She d. at Amman, 1st January 2001 (bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman), having had issue, one son and one daughter - see Hijaz.
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1951 - 1952 H.M. Talal I, by the help of God, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan. b. at Mecca, Arabia, 26th February 1909, eldest son of H.M. ‘Abdu’llah I, by the help of God, King of the Hashimite Kingdom of the Jordan, GCMG, GBE, by his first wife, H.M. Queen Musbah, educ. privately and at the RMA, Sandhurst. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut the Arab Legion Cavalry Regt 1929, attached to a British Regt in Jerusalem and to the RA in Baghdad, prom Hon Lieut the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force 18/2/1932, prom Maj-Gen Jordan Arab Army 1949, and became Field Marshal Jordan Arab Army 20/7/1951. Excluded from the succession by his father in January 1941, but re-instated as Heir Apparent 13th February 1946 (confirmed publicly, 17th March 1947). Succeeded on the death of his father, 20th July 1951. Reigned under the regency of his younger brother until he returned from a clinic in Switzerland and took the oath to the constitution, at Amman, 3rd September 1951. Reigned under a series of regencies for most of his short reign and then constitutionally deposed in favour of his eldest son for reasons of ill health, 11th August 1952. Rcvd: the Grand Order of the Hashimites (1951), and the Order of the Two Rivers 1st class of Iraq, GC of the Order of Military Merit in white of Spain (1.4.1952), etc. m. at Amman, 27th November 1934, H.M. Queen Zein al-Sharaf (b. at Alexandria, Egypt, 2nd August 1915; d. at Lausanne, Switzerland, 26th April 1994, bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman), Head of the Council of Regency during the minority of her eldest son 11th August 1952 to 2nd May 1953, rcvd: GC with collar of the Order of Hussein ibn ‘Ali, eldest daughter of Sharif Jamal ‘Ali bin Nasser, sometime Court Chamberlain. He d. at Istanbul, Turkey, 7th July 1972 (bur. Royal Mausoleum, Raghdan Palace, Amman), having had issue, four sons and two daughters:
  • 1) H.M. King Hussein, King of Jordan - see below.
  • 2) General H.R.H. Prince Muhammad bin Talal, GCVO (26.3.1984), b. at Al-Qasr al-Sagheer Palace, Amman, 2nd October 1940, educ. Bishop’s Sch and Islamic Coll, Amman, Bryanston Sch, Blandford, Dorset, École Beau Soleil, Villars, Switzerland, and Iraqi Mil Acad, Baghdad. Heir Apparent with the title of Crown Prince from 11th August 1952 to 30th January 1962. Colonel Royal Guards 1959, prom Maj-Gen 1959, prom Gen Jordan Arab Army, Head of the High Cttee for Tourism, Presdt Tribal Council 1971-1973, Personal Representative of King Hussein 1974-1999. Hon Presdt Jordanian Chess Fedn and Jordanian Shooting Fedn. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of Hussein ibn Ali with collar, Renaissance special class, Independence, and the Star of Jordan, Long Service and Good Conduct, King Hussein Silver Jubilee (1977), and Service 1967-1971 (1971) medals, etc, GC of the Orders of the Queen of Sheba of Ethiopia, National Merit of France, Muhammadiya of Morocco, the Brilliant Star of China (Taiwan), Dannebrog of Denmark, Rising Sun of Japan (x.11.1978), and Merit of the Republic of Italy (26.11.1983), the Order of King Abdulaziz 1st class of Saudi Arabia, etc. m. (first) at Amman, 28th November 1963 (nikah) and 9th January 1964 (zifaf) (div. 1978), H.R.H. Princess Leirjal Firyal (b. 1945), educ. Columbia Univ. (BA 1999), and Kennedy Sch., Harvard Univ, Dir UN Assoc. (USA), UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 1992, Presdt International Hope Foundn. 1994, Hon Presdt Inst of Opera & Poetry (Verona) 1999, Mbr of the Brd Musée Des Arts Decoratifs (Paris), New York Public Library, and International Refugee Rescue Cttee, daughter of H.E. Sayyid Farid al-Irsheid, sometime Senator and former Cabinet Minister. m. (second) 22nd April 1981, H.R.H. Princess Taghrid Muhammad (b. 1950), daughter of H.E. Sayyid Hazza’ al-Majali, sometime Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs. He has issue, two sons by his first wife:
    • a) H.R.H. Prince Talal bin Muhammad. b. at Amman, 26th July 1965, educ. Harrow Ssch, Middlesex, RMA Sandhurst, and Georgetown Univ (BSc, MSc), Washinton DC, USA. Cmsnd as 2nd Lieut Jordan Arab Army April 1984, prom Capt 1990, coy cdr Special Forces Btn 1990-1991, Military Sec to King Hussein 1991-1994, prom Lt-Col, Personal Representative of King Hussein in the USA 1992-1999 and Minister Jordanian Embassy Washington DC 1994-1996, Dir National Security Council 1996-1999, National Security Adviser to King ‘Abdu’llah 1999-2001, Special Adviser to King ‘Abdu’llah since 2001. Chair Brd of Trustees of Mu’tah Univ 1998- 2001, and National Land Mine Removal and Rehabilitation Cmsn. Presdt National Demining and Rehabilitation Cttee (NDRC) since 2001. Mbr Higher Education Cttee, Higher Cttee for Retired Servicemen & Veterans Assoc, etc. Author of ‘The Sacred Origin and Nature of Sports and Culture’ (1998). Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Renaissance, Independence, the Star of Jordan, and the First Centenary of the State (14.11.2021), al-Hussein Military Medal of Excellence 1st class, and Medal of Administrative & Leadership Competence, GC of the Orders of Isabel the Catholic of Spain (2.12.1994), the Norwegian Order of Merit (4.4.2000), and the North Star of Sweden (15.11.2022). m. at Zahran Palace, Amman, 10th July 1991 (nikah), and Qasr al-Manal, Amman, 12th July 1991 (zifaf), H.R.H. Princess Ghida Talal (b. at Beirut, the Lebanon, 11th July 1963), educ. Coll Protestant Français (CPF), Chouran, Beirut, Lebanon, and Georgetown Univ (M.Econ. 1986), Washington DC, USA, researcher for ABC News in London, Argentine Correspondent for the Sunday Times, Lebanon Correspondent for Reuters News Agency, and journalist on the Financial Times, Counsellor Jordanian Embassy Washington DC 1994-1996, International Press Sec Royal Jordanian Court 1996-1999, Chair King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) since 2001, and al-Amal Foundation, Hon Chair Jordan Society of Pediatric Oncology, and the Jordan Swimming Fed, Regent Georgetown Univ since 2003, Trustee National Gallery of Fine Arts, Mbr Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control, etc, rcvd: GC of the Orders of Independence, and the Star of Jordan, Isabella the Catholic of Spain, the Norwegian Order of Merit (4.4.2000), and the North Star of Sweden (15.11.2022), and the Order of Merit of the Lebanon 1stclass in gold (16.3.2022), eldest daughter of Y.Bhg. Dato Sri Hany Muhammad Sal’am, of Beirut, Lebanon, Chair & CEO of Gulf Resources Corp (GRC), by his wife, Datin Rajaa Arab. He has issue, two sons and one daughter:
      • i) H.H. Prince Hussein bin Talal. b. 15th October 1999. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
      • ii) H.H. Prince Muhammad bin Talal. b. 2001 (twin with his sister Rajaa).
      • iii) H.H. Princess Rajaa bint Talal. b. 2001 (twin with her brother Muhammad).
    • b) Professor H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad. b. at Amman, 15th October 1966, educ. Harrow Sch, Middlesex, Princeton Univ, New Jersey, USA (BA 1988), Trinity Coll, Cambridge (Ph.D. Lit. 1993), and Al-Azhar Univ (Ph.D. 2010), Cairo, Egypt. Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut Royal Jordanian Desert Police 14/11/1989, prom Lieut 14/11/1992, resig 1992, ADC attached to the Royal Hashimite Court 1993-1994, prom Hon Lieut-Col 2/9/1997, Cultural Sec to the King 1994-1999, Sec to the King 1999-2003, HM’s Advisor on Tribal 1998-2003 and Cultural Affairs 1999-2003, Personal Envoy and Special Advisor to King ‘Abdu’llah II with the rank of Minister 2003-2011, Regent during the King’s absences from Jordan in 2004, Special Advisor for Religious & Cultural Affairs since 2011, Assist Research Professor at Jordan Univ 2000-2002, Assoc Professor of Islamic Philosophy at Aal al-Bayt Univ 2002-2005, Professor of Islamic Philosophy at Jordan Univ since 2005, Chief Adviser to the King for Religious and Cultural Affairs since 2011. Chair Turath al-Urdunn al-Baqi (TURAB) 1994-2000, Princeton Alumni Schools Cttee for Jordan 1995-1996, Royal Cttee for the Endowment of Underprivileged Schs & Tribal Areas 1995-2003 (CEO 1997-2000), Riyad al-Mufleh Charitable Inst 1996-2000, Brd of Trustees of al-Balqa Applied Univ 1998-2010 (Royal Cmsn 1996-1998), Coll of Traditional Islamic Arts Brd since 1998, Royal Aal al-Bayt Inst for Islamic Thought Brd of Trustees since 2000 (Dir & Snr Fellow 2000), Financial Subcommittee 1999-2003 (Cttee Mbr 1994-2003), Royal Preservation & Development of Camel Livestock Cttee 2000-2003, Brd of the National Park of the Site of the Baptism of Christ since 2001 (Chair Royal Cttee 1999-2001, Deputy Chair 1997-1999), National Examination Brd 2004-2005 (Council Mbr 1997-2000), Prince Ghazi Student Fund since 2006, Royal Steering Cttee for the Amman Message Islamic Initiative since 2007, Islamika magazine 2008-2010. Presdt National Jordanian Basketball Fed 1988-1991 (Hon Presdt 1991-1993, Chief 1988-1991) and the National Jordanian Boxing Fed 1998. Founder Dir Royal Inst for Development & Charitable Works 1997-2000, Great Tafsir Project since 2000, and the Tasneen Private Fund since 2001. Patron The Sch for Life since 2005. Trustee Islamic Texts Soc (Cambridge) 1992-2000, and El-Hassan Bin Talal Awards for Academic Excellence 1995-1998. Dir Prince Ghazi Fund for Islamic Thought since 2012. International Co-ordinator the Common Word Initiative since 2008. Mbr Royal Cttee for the Building & Restoration of the Tombs of the Prophets and the Companions since 1994, and the National Cttees for Lower Education 1994-2003, Religious Endowments since 1996, Higher Education 1999-2003, Muslim Council of Elders since 2014, etc. Author of “The Holy Sites of Jordan” (1996), “The Crisis of the Islamic World” (1996), “Old Houses of Jordan” (1997), “The Sacred Origin and Nature of Sports and Culture” (1998), “The Tribes of Jordan at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century” (1999), “Cultural Treasures of Jordan” (2000), “Al-Insan” (2001), “Al-‘Alam” (2001), “Hannibal the Formidable” (2002), “Kitab Ijma’ Al-Muslimin ‘ala Ihtiram Mathahib al-Din” (2006), “Love in the Noble Quran” (2010), “Challenges Facing Arab Christians Today” (2013), “Compatibility Search” (2013), “100 Books on Islam in English and the End of Orientalism” (2014), “A Thinkers Guide to Islam” (2017) “An Initial Guide to Topics for Surahs of the Quran” (2018), “A Thinking Person’s Guide to a Really Happy Life” (2018), “An Initial Guide to Islamic Calls” (2019), etc. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of Hussein ibn ‘Ali (28.10.2013), Renaissance (special class 29.9.2010, 1st class 9.10.2003), Star of Jordan (14.11.1995), and the First Centenary of the State (14.11.2021), al-Hussein Distinguished Service Medal 1st class (24.8.1999), and Education Medal 1st class (5.10.2004), GC of the Order of National Merit of France (16.11.1999), Muhammadiya of Morocco (10.3.2000), Holy Sepulchre of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem (2009), and the Royal Order of Merit of Norway (2.3.2020), the Civil Order of Oman 1st class (2003), the Orders of Bahrain 1st class (2005), Friendship of Russia (26.6. 2012), and Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise 3rd class of the Ukraine (22.6.2011), GO of the Order of the Legion of Honour of France (7.1.2000, Cdr 20.11.1997, Ofcr 10.3.1997), Orthodox Medal of Peace of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem (20.11.2019), etc. m. at at Qasr al-Manal, Amman, 4th May 1997 (div. there, 18th May 2021), H.R.H. Princess Areej bint Omar al-Zawawi [Dr Areej Zawawi] (b. at Muscat, Oman), educ. Georgetown Univ, Washington DC (BA, MA), and the Coll of Educ & Health Professionals, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA (Dr. curriculum and instruction 2007), Teaching AssistKing Fahd Center for Middle East & Islamic Studies in Fayetteville, Arkansas 1995, Founder and Mngr The School for Life since 2005, Chair Al Amal Centre, Trustee The King‘s Acad (Madaba-Manja, Jordan), Dir Gulf Beverrage Industries, styled H.R.H. Princess Areej Ghazi 4th May 1997-18th May 2021, daughter of H.E. Dr Omar bin ‘Abdu’l Muneim Yousuf Al-Zawawi, Chair Omar Zawawi Establishment (OMZEST) and Special Advisor for External Liaison to the Sultan of Oman, from an old merchant family of Indian origin. m. (second) at Amman, 3rd September 2022, H.R.H. Princess Miriam Ghazi (b. at Madrid, Spain, 2nd September 1963), educ. Univ Complutense de Madrid (BA 1987), and Centro Europeo de Gemología, Joyería y Tasaciones (Dip 1991), Oviedo, Spain, gemologist and jewelry designer, Proprietor and Sole Adstr MdeU Design SL since 2013, Co-founder Asoc Española de tasadores de Alhajas (AETA) 1997, rcvd: Dame of the Order of Queen St Isabel of the Royal House of Portugal, widow of H.R.H. Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, Prince of Turnovo, née Doña Miriam Ungría y López, only daughter of The Most Excellent Señor Don Bernardo Ungría y Goiburu, Marquis de Montefalcóne, Marquis and Count de La Motta, and Marquis de Magnesi, sometime Perpetual Hon Presdt Heraldic Coll of Spain and the Indies, by his wife, The Most Excellent Señora Doña María del Carmen López y Oleaga, Marqesa de Montefalcónevery. He has issue, one son and three daughters by his first wife:
      • i) H.H. Prince ‘Abdu’llah bin Ghazi. b. at Amman, 6th November 2001.
      • i) H.H. Princess Tasneem bint Ghazi. b. at Amman, 27th August 1999, educ. The School for Life, Amman.
      • ii) H.H. Princess Jennah bint Ghazi. b. at Amman, 20th September 2003.
  • 3) General H.R.H. Prince Hassan bin Talal, GCVO (26.3.1984), b. at Amman, 20th March 1947, educ. International Community Sch, Amman, Summerfield, Harrow Sch, Middlesex, and Christ Church, Oxford (BA 1967, MA). Heir Apparent with the title of Crown Prince 1st April 1965 to 25th January 1999, and has served as Regent during the King’s absence abroad on numerous occasions. Hon Gen Jordan Arab Army. Ombudsman for National Development 1971, Founder Royal Scientific Soc of Jordan 1970, Jordanian Housing Bank 1973, Bilad al-Sham Conference 1978, al-Bait Foundation 1980, Arab Thought Forum 1981, Forum Humanum 1982, el-Hassan Youth Award 1984, Higher Council for Science & Technology 1987, Sabilat el-Hassan 1988, Royal Inst for Inter-Faith Studies 1994, etc. Chair Cttee National Development Plans 1973-1975, 1976-1980, 1981-1985 and 1986-1990, and of the World Intellectual Property Org Policy Advisory Cmsn 1999–2002. Co-Chair Independent Cmsn for International Humanitarian Issues (ICIHI); Moderator World Conference on Religion & Peace (WCRP), at Amman 1999. Presdt Club of Rome 1999, Brd of Dirs Center for Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution at Oklahoma Univ, and the Martial Arts, Polo and Squash Fed. Capt Royal Jordanian Polo Team. Mbr Brd of the South Centre 2001, Cttee of Notables of the Inst Català de la Mediterrània 2001, Brd of Dirs Nuclear Threat Initiative, (Washington DC) 2002, Executive Cttee of the International Crisis Group, UNESCO International Inter-religious Advisory Cttee, and the UN High Cmsnr for Refugees Informal Advisory Group. Hon Mbr UNESCO World Cmsn on Culture & Development, etc. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of Hussein ibn Ali with collar (20.3.1987), Renaissance special class, Independence, and the Star of Jordan, King Hussein Silver Jubilee (1977), Service 1967-71 (1971), the Great Ramadan War (1973) medals, etc, Knt of the Order of the Seraphim of Sweden, GC of the Orders of the Crown of Iran, Chrysanthemum of Japan (x.6.1970), St Olav of Norway, Merit of the Republic of Italy (26.11.1983), North Star of Sweden (8.9.1989), Cedars of the Lebanon, Nile of Egypt, the Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold with Sash of Austria (15.10.2004), etc. Author of “A Study on Jerusalem” (1979), “Palestinian Self Determination” (1981), “Search for Peace” (1984), “Christianity in the Arab World” (1994), “Continuity, Innovation and Change: Selected Essays” (2001), and “In Memory of Faisal I: The Iraqi Question” (2003); joint author of “Essere Musulmano” (2001). Hon Degree of Science (Bošziçi Univ, Turkey, 1981), Hon DCL (Durham 1990), Hon Dr Humane Letters (Spertus Inst of Jewish Studies, Chicago, 1995 and Univ of Oklahoma 2002), Hon Dr Letters (Univ of Ulster, 1996), Hon Dr (Moscow State Inst for International Relations 1997, Bilkent Univ, Turkey, 1999, and Univ of York 2002), Hon LLD (Univs of Birmingham 1999, Hertfordshire 2000, and Portsmouth 2002, International Islamic Univ, Islamabad, 2005, and SOAS 2005), Hon Dr Theology (Eberhard-Karls-Univ in Tübingen 2001). m. at Karachi, Pakistan, 28th August 1968, H.R.H. Princess Sarvath El Hassan (b. at Calcutta, Bengal, India, 24th July 1947), Patron Young Muslim Women’s Assoc (YMWA) since 1972, the Malath Fndn, Jordanian Phenylketonuria Assoc, and the Jordanian Osteoporosis Prevention Soc (JOPS); Hon Presdt Arab Soc for Learning Difficulties since 2001, Presdt Centre for Phonetics Research (Univ of Jordan), Chair Amman Baccalaureate Sch Brd of Trustees since 1981, Jordanian United World Colls National Selection Cttee 1981-1985, and the ‘El Hassan Bin Talal Award for Academic Excellence Selection Cttee, Hon Vice-Presdt Jordanian Red Crescent Org 1994-2004, Mbr Fndn Council of the International Baccalaureate Org, International Council of Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), and UNESCO Council of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture; Hon LLD (Univ of New Brunswick), Patron International Community Sch, rcvd: GC of the Order of the Renaissance special class (x.8.1994), the Precious Crown of Japan (x.4.1988), and the North Star of Sweden, the Order of Honour 2nd class (Hilal-i-Imtiaz) of Pakistan (23.3.2002), etc, third and youngest daughter of H.E. The Hon Muhammad Ikramullah, KCMG, CIE, HPk, sometime Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Ambassador to France and Portugal, and High Commissioner in the UK and in Canada, by his wife Shaista Akhtar Banu Begum [Shaista Ikramullah], sometime Pakistani Delegate to UNO and Ambassador to Morocco, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel The Hon Sir Hassan Suhrawardy, OBE, KIH, CStJ. He has issue, one son and three daughters:
    • a) Major H.R.H. Prince Rashid El Hassan. b. at Amman, 20th May 1979, educ. International Community Sch and Amman Baccalaureate Sch (ABS), Jordan, Port Regis Sch, Dorset, Harrow Sch, Mdsx, RMA Sandhurst, EU Training Office, Brussels, Belgium, and Gonville & Caius Coll, Cambridge (BA 2001). Cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut British Army 1997, attached The Light Dragoons Recce Regt of the 1st Armoured Dvsn, cmsnd 1st Lieut Jordan Arab Army 1998, coy cdr Jordanian Field Recce Btn, served as a UN observer in Bosnia-Herzegovina, prom Capt 2004, Third Sec Jordanian Embassy in London 2007-2008, prom Maj 2009. Chair Brd of Trustees Hashemite Charity Fndn since 2002. Hon Presdt National Boxing Fed. Capt Jordanian Polo Team. Mbr Guards Polo Club, Royal Leamington Spa (RLS) Polo Club, Hurlingham Polo Assoc, etc. Rcvd: GC of the Al-Hussein Order of Military Merit, Al-Hussein Military Medal 1st class (14.11.1996), Medals of Administrative & Leadership Competence, and Administrative and Technical Competence, Star of Sacrifice (Sitara-e-Eisaar) of Pakistan (14.2.2007), etc. m. at El Hassan Palace, Amman, 3rd July 2010 (nikah) and at the Basman Palace, Amman, 22nd July 2011, H.R.H. Princess Zeina El-Rashid (b. at Amman, 12th May 1988), educ. Amman Baccalaureate Sch (ABS), Jordan, TTF Training Sch, Liebherr Ocshenhausen, Germany, and Royal Holloway Coll, Univ of London (B.Sc. Econ), and the London Sch of Economics (LSE) (M.Sc.), table tennis champion, represented Jordan at the World Championship in Paris 2003, Olympic Games in Athens 2004 and Athens 2008, rcvd: King Hussein Medal for Achievement (2004), daughter of Muhammad bin ‘Abdu’llah Sha’aban, of Amman, Jordan, Chair of Universal Equipment Ltd, by his wife, Serena, MD of Universal Equipment Ltd. He has issue, one son:
      • i) H.H. Prince Hassan El-Rashid. b. at Amman, 1st December 2013. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • a) H.R.H. Princess Rahma El Hassan. b. 13th August 1969, educ. International Community Sch, Amman, Sherborne Sch, Dorset, and Trinity Coll, Cambridge (BA 1991, M.Phil. 1992). Dir Amman Regional Office for the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research Dialogue. Hon Presdt Yarmouk Univ Alumni Club. Presdt Princess Rahma Soc for Heritage Revival, and Jordanian Gymnastics Fedn. Mbr International Brd of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme since 1997, etc. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of Independence of Jordan, and of Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands (30.10.2006). m. at Amman, July 1997, H.E. Sayyid Ala’a al-Batayneh (b. at Amman, 1969), educ. George Washington Univ, Washington DC, USA (BS), Under-Sec Ministry of Transport 1999- 2000, Sec-Gen 2000-2005, Dir-Gen of Cusoms since 2005, Chair Arab Bridge Maritime Co since 2003, Vice-Chair Aqaba Dvpt Corp, Dir National Tourism Council, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Aqaba Port Corp, Royal Wings Co Ltd, and Arab Wings Ltd, rcvd: GC of the Orders of Independence, and Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands (30.10.2006), eldest son of H.E. Dr Arif al-Batayneh, sometime Senator, Minister for Health and Dir-Gen of Royal Medical Services, by his wife, Haifa, née Fahoum. She has issue, a son and a daughter:
      • i) Arif al-Batayneh. b. at Amman, 15th February 2006.
      • i) Aysha al-Batayneh. b. at Amman, 2002. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • b) H.R.H. Princess Sumaya El Hassan. b. at Amman, 14th May 1971, educ. International Community Sch, Amman, Sherborne Sch, Dorset, and the Courtauld Inst, Univ of London (BA). Has worked at the V&A Museum and Sotheby’s in London. Patron Wadi Faynan Project. Hon Patron Jordanian Handball Fed since 1997, Arab Women’s Handball Assoc, and the Jordanian Computer Soc. Chair Princess Sumaya Univ Coll for Technology (PSUT) since 1991. Vice Chair Brd of Trustees of the Jordan National Museum. Vice-Presdt Anglo-Jordanian Soc. Mbr Arab Women’s Council in London 1992-1994. m. at the Zahran Palace, Amman, 20th August 1992 (div. 2008), H.E. Sayyid Nasser Judeh (b. at Amman, 1961), educ. Georgetown Univ, Washington DC, USA (BA), Head of the Palace Press Office 1985-1986, Private Sec to Prince Hassan 1986-1992, Head of the Jordanian Info Bureau in London 1992-1994, Dir Jordan TV 1994-1996, Dir-Gen Jordan Radio & TV Corp 1996-1998, Minister for Information 1998-1999, Government Spokesman with the personal rank of Minister since 2005, rcvd: GC of the Order of Independence of Jordan, son of H.E. Dr. Sami Judeh, sometime Jordanian Cabinet Minister. She has issue, two sons and two daughters:
      • i) Tariq Judeh. b. at London, 1994 (twin with his sister Zein).
      • ii) ‘Ali Judeh. b. 1996.
      • i) Zein al-Sharaf Judeh. b. at London, 1994 (twin with her brother Tariq).
      • ii) Sukayna Judeh. b. 1998. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • c) H.R.H. Princess Badiya El Hassan. b. at Amman, 28th March 1974, educ. International Baccalaureate Sch, Amman, Sherborne Sch, Dorset, Christ Church, Oxford (BA Hons), Coll of Law (dipl.), Lincoln’s Inn and the London Sch of Economics & Political Science (LSE), London (LL.M.). Barr-at-Law 1998, worked at the UNO in New York and Geneva. Patron The Oxonian Soc. Mbr UK Brd of Africa & Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA), etc. m. at Beit al-Amir al-Hassan, Amman, 22nd September 2004 (nikah) at 24th June 2005 (zifaf), Khalid Edward McCall Blair (b. at London, 1974), educ. Eton and Bristol Univ, Barr-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn), son of Douglas Blair, QC, by his wife, Diana, née Holding-Parsons.
  • 4) H.R.H. Prince Muhsin bin Talal. He d. young.
  • 1) H.R.H. Princess Asma bint Talal. b. and d. at Al-Qasr Al-Sagheer Palace, Amman, 1937.
  • 2) H.R.H. Princess Basma bint Talal, GCVO (6.11.2001). b. at Amman, 11th May 1951, educ. Ahliyah Sch, Amman, Benenden Sch, and Pembroke Coll, Oxford. Chair Queen Alia Fund for Social Development (QAF) 1977-199, Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) 1999, Jordanian National Cmsn for Women (JNCW) 1992, Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNFW) 1995, Arab Assoc for Women & Development (AWAD). Presdt Jordanian Assoc of Boy Scouts & Girl Guides, Jordanian Save the Children Fund 1974, and the Queen Zein al-Sharaf Inst for Development (ZENID) 1994. Hon Presdt General Fdn of Jordanian Women 1999, and the Jordanian Assoc for Family Planing & Protection. Patron Mabarrat Umm al-Hussein 1994, Women’s Police, Jordanian YMCA, Nurses & Midwives Union, Private Schs Council, Inner Wheel Club, Home & Garden Club, and Amman Little League Assn. Mbr WHO Scientific & Technical Advisory Group of the Adolescent Health Programme 1991-1993, of the Advisory Panel to the UNDP Administrator 1993-1994, WHO Global Cmsn on Women’s Health 1994, the Advisory Brd to the UN Sec-Gen on Sustainable Development 1995-1998, the Earth Council 1996, Brd of Trustees Population Council 1996, UNESCO Culture & Development Steering Cttee 1996-1997, UNESCO Scientific Cttee for the World Culture Report 1998, UNESCOs International. Panel on Democracy & Dvpt. 1998, Hon Brd of Green Cross International. (GCI) 1998, Brd of the Graduate Studies Faculty of the Univ of Jordan 2000, the International Advisory Brd of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) 2001, the Council of the UN Univ of Peace (UPEACE) 2004, etc. Hon Human Development Ambassador UNDP 1993, Goodwill Ambassador for UN Dvpt. Fund for Women (UNIFEM) 1995, and UN Population Fund (UNFPA) 2001. Hon Fellow Pembroke Coll, Oxford (1994), Hon LL.D. (Univ of Reading, 1998), and Hon D.Phil (Oxon. 2001). Rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Renaissance special class (x.7.1994), Precious Crown of Japan (10.3.1976), Isabella the Catholic of Spain (18.3.1977), and Polar Star of Sweden (7.10.2003), Grand Decoration of Honour for Merit in gold with sash of the Republic of Austria, the Royal Family Order 1st class (DK) of Brunei (22.7.2000), etc. m. (first) at Amman, 2nd April 1970 (div. 1980) Colonel H.E. Timoor al-Daghistani, GCVO (6.11.2001) (b. at Baghdad, 4th January, 1948; m. second, Patrice Ann, and has further issue), educ. Bethany Sch, Kent, Staff Coll, Camberley, and RMA Sandhurst, cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut Jordan Arab Army, Dir of Training Armoured Corps, Assist Military Attaché Washington DC 1980-1983, retd 1986, Assist Dir Information Bureau, Washington DC 1986-1993, Ambassador to Spain 1994-1999, and at the Court of St James’s since 1999, rcvd: GC of the Orders of the Star of Jordan, Isabella the Catholic of Spain (21.10.1999), etc., son of Major-General Ghazi al-Daghistani, CVO, sometime ADC to King Feisal II of Iraq, son of Muhammad Fadhil al-Daghistani. m. (second) at Amman, 14th April 1980, H.E. Sayyid Walid al-Kurdi, GCVO (6.11.2001), rcvd: the Order of the Star of the State of Brunei 1st class (PSNB) (16.7.2002), son of Sayyid Ismail al-Kurdi. She had issue, one son and one daughter by her first husband, and one son and one daughter, by her second:
    • a) Ghazi al-Daghistani. b. at Amman, 21st July 1974, educ. RMA, Sandhurst. m. at Amman, 19th June 2006 (nikah) and 7th September 2006 (zifaf), Samanta al-Daghistani, daughter of Sayyid Mahdi Saifi, of Amman, Jordan, originally from Nablus, Palestine.
    • b) Sa’ad al-Kurdi. b. at Amman, 8th November 1982.
    • a) Farah al-Daghistani. b. at Amman, 25th March 1971, educ. Oxford Univ (BA), and Harvard Univ, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (MA). CEO Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) 2002, Mbr Cmsn Permanente du Forum Femmes Méditerrannée. m. 19th May 2004 (nikah) and at Amman, 23rd September 2004 (zifaf), Saud bin ‘Abdu’l Aziz al- Suleiman, son of ‘Abdu’l Aziz bin Suleiman, from Saudi Arabia. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • b) Zein al-Sharaf al-Kurdi. b. at Amman, 1st June 1986.
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