Mexico was declared an Empire in 1821, following the declaration of independence from Spain. It was a vast territory then including everything from the present day state of Oregan, in the north, to Panama in the South. Don Agustín de Itúrbide, a nobleman of Spanish descent and a prominent general, was proclaimed Emperor as Agustín I but was forced to abdicate in 1823. An assembly of notables voted to turn the country into a monarchy again on 10th July 1863. The Empire was accordingly revived in the person of Maximilian I, younger brother of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, 10th April 1864. Maximilian adopted Agustíns grandson as his heir in 1865 but was overthrown and murdered by revolutionaries in 1867.

The Sovereign: (reign name)... by the grace of God and will of the people, Emperor of Mexico, with the style of His Imperial Majesty.
The consort of the Sovereign: Empress of Mexico, with the style of Her Imperial Majesty.
The Heir Apparent: The Prince Imperial of Mexico, with the style of His Imperial Highness.
The younger sons of the Sovereign: Prince Don (personal names) de Iturbide é (mother's surname), Mexican Prince, with the style of His Highness.
The daughters of the Sovereign: Princess Doña (personal names) de Iturbide é (mother's surname), Mexican Princess, with the style of Her Highness.
Other, more remote colatterals in the male line: Prince or Princess de Iturbide, with the style of Highness.

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