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1821 - 1823 H.M. Don Agustín I, by Divine Providence and by the Congress of the Nation, Constitutional Emperor of Mexico. b. at Valladolid, Michoacán, 27th September 1783, as Don Agustín Cosme Damiàn de Iturbide é Arámburo, fourth son of H.H. Don José Joaquín de Itúrbide é Arreguí, Prince of the Union, by his second wife, Doña María Josefa de Arámburo é Carrillo de Figueroa, daughter of Don Sebastiàn de Aràmburo é Urisibar, of Oyarzùn, Guipuzcoa, educ. Coll of San Nicolas, Valladolid, and the Royal Acad for Officers, Chapultepec, Mexico City. Cmsnd into the Royal Spanish Army as as Ensign Vallodolid Provincial Regt of Infantry 16/10/1797, prom Lieut 29/10/1806, prom Capt of Fusiliers 17/11/1810, brevet Lieut-Col 6/6/1812, prom Col 1813, cdt of the Celaya Provincial Regt of Infantry 1813-1814, 2nd IC Army of the North 1814-1815, joint cdt of the Royalist forces 1815-1816, retd 1816, restored to rank as Col 1820, Supreme cdr of the Army of the South 1820-1821. Proclaimed the independence of Mexico 14th February 1821 and drew up the Constitution of Mexico (the Plan of Iguala). First C-in-C of the Ejército Trigarante (army of the three guarantees: independence, unity and religion) 1821-1822. Concluded the Treaty of Córdoba, with the then Spanish Captaain-General Don Juan O'Donojú O'Rian on 24th August 1821 which ostensibly recognised the independence of Mexico. He entered Mexico City at the head of the Ejército Trigarante 27th September 1821, proclaimed the full independence of the Empire of Mexico and established a junta with himself as First Regent and President of the Council of Regency. Appointed by the junta as Generalissimo of the forces and Admiral with the style of His Serene Highness. Proclaimed by Divine Providence and by the Congress of the Nation, First Constitutional Emperor of Mexico, 18th May 1822, under the name of Agustín I. Took the oath to the constitution, 21st May 1822. Crowned with his wife at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City, 21st July 1822. Founder and Sovereign of the Imperial Order of Guadalupe. Abdicated 19th March 1823 and went into exile in Europe. Returned a year later and attempted to regain the throne but was arrested and shot. m. at the Cathedral of the Divine Savioir, Valladolid, Michoacán, 27th February 1805, H.M. Empress Doña Ana María (b. at Valladolid, Mexico, 17th January 1786; d. at Philadelphia, USA, 21st March 1861, bur. there at the Church of St John the Evangelist), Crowned with her husband at the Cathedral of Mexico City, 21st July 1822, née Doña Ana María Josefa Ramona Huarte y Muñiz, daughter of The Most Excellent Senor Don Isidro Huarte y Arrivillaga, of Morelia, Michoacán, by his second wife, Doña Ana Manuela Josefa Muñiz y Sanchez de Tagle, daughter of Manuel Muñiz, of Victoria, Durango, by his wife, Doña Isabel Sánchez de Tagle y Veydacar of the family of the Marques de Altamira. He was k. at  Padilla, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 19th July 1824 (bur. firstly at Padilla re-interred at Mexico City Cathedral, 28th October 1838), having had issue, six sons and five daughters:
*some sources, including Burke’s Royal Families of the World, Volume II, suggest that he left an illegitimate daughter by a lady from Arequipa in Peru: Doña Jesusa de Iturbide. b. in Peru, ca 1840. Hon Presdt Catholic Ladies' Union of Peru. m. H.E. Don José Nicolás Baltasar Fernández de Piérola é Villena (b. at Camana, Arequipa, Peru, 5th January 1839; d. at Lima, Peru, 23rd June 1913), Minister for Finance 1868-1871, Supreme C-in-C 1879-1881, Leader of the Democratic Party 1882, Presdt of the Republic of Peru 1895-1899, nicknamed 'El Califa'. She had issue, three children. However, it is very clear from the marriage and death certificates of this lady, that she was the legitimate daughter of a Don Joaquín de Itúrbide, by his wife, Doña Antonia Cadorna.
Details of Don Joaquín de Itúrbide's family have not been established. A certain Don Joaquín Sotomayor é Iturbide is listed as a Knight-Page of Honour to Emperor Augustin I in the Court Directory during the Emperor’s reign. Another Señor Don Joaquín de Iturbide, a relative of Santa Ana, served as Primary Official of the Ministry of the Interior and Ecclesiastical Relations 1832-1835, and Hacienda 1835-1836, Mexican Minister for the Interior in 1839, and for Justice in 1841. It is just possible that one of these gentlemen may be the same as the father of Doña Jesusa. The link with Mexico and Emperor may be real, though considerably confused.
1864 - 1867 H.I.M. Maximilian I - see Mexico 4, next page. Copyright©Christopher Buyers
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[1867 - 1925] H.H. Prince Don Agustín de Iturbide é Grin [Prince Augustine de Yturbide], Head of the Imperial House of Mexico. b. 2nd April 1863, only son of H.H. Prince Don Ángel María de Iturbide é Huarte, by his wife, Doña Alicia de Iturbide Grin, educ. San Michele, Oscott Coll, Sutton Coldfield, England, Georgetown Univ, Washington DC, USA (PhB 1887), the National Sch, Chapultepec, and the Heroic Military Coll, Mexico City. Adopted by Emperor Maximilien I, and was granted the title of Prince de Iturbide with the style of His Highness, 13th September 1865. Succeeded as Head of the Imperial House of Mexico, 19th June 1867. Cmsnd into the Mexican Army as alférez (ensign) 28/7/1888, attached 7th Permanent Cavalry Regt at San Juan de Toeithuaca. Accused of publishing a seditious article critical of President Porfirio Diaz, arrested and charged in May 1890 and dismissed the service. Settled in Washington DC where he taught French and Spanish at Georgetown Univ. Author of “Mexico under President Diaz” (1894). Mbr Metropolitan Club (Washington DC) 1887-1896. Rcvd: GC of the Orders of Guadalupe and the Mexican Eagle (30.6.1865). m. (first) 1894, Lucy Eleanor (b. 1st January 1862; d. at Epsom, Surrey, 11th May 1940), daughter of the Rev William Jackson, FSA, by his wife, Lucy Catherine, daughter of John Charles Hatchett, of Yealmpton, Devon. m. (second) at St Matthew's Cathedral, Washington DC, USA, 5th July 1915, Mary Louise (b. at Washington DC, 25th September 1872; d. September 1967), daughter of Brigadier-General James Kearney, of Quality Hill, Georgetown, DC, USA. He d.s.p. at Washington DC, USA, 3rd March 1925 (bur. Church of St John the Evangelist, Philadelphia, USA).
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