The Habsburg Dynasty


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1864 - 1867 H.I.M. Don Maximiliano I, by the grace of God and will of the people, Emperor of Mexico. b. at the Schonbrun Palace, Vienna, 6th July 1832, as H.I.R.H. The Serene Prince and Lord Ferdinand Maximilian Josef, Archduke and Imperial Prince of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia, Count of Hapsburg, Prince of Loraine, etc., second son of Lieutenant-Field Marshal H.I.R.H. Archduke Franz Karl Josef, by his wife, H.I.R.H. Archduchess Friederike Sophie Dorothea Wilhelmine, sixth daughter of H.M. Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria, educ. privately. Cmsnd as Lieut Imperial Austrian Navy 1851, served in the Novara on the Italian coast, Cdr Minerva 1853, prom Rear-Admiral 1854, Vice-Admiral and C-in-C of the Imperial Austrian Navy 1857- 1863. Governor- General of Lombardy-Venitia 1857-1859. Lieutenant-Field Marshal and Colonel Proprietor of the 8th Regt of Uhlans in the Imperial and Royal Army, Chief of the 3rd Regt of Dragoons in the Prussian Army 21/12/1852. Offered the Imperial Crown of Mexico by the Honourable Junta of Notables, 30th July 1863. Formally accepted the crown at his castle at Miramar, near Triest, 10th April 1864. Landed at Vera Cruz, 20th May and Crowned at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City, 10th June 1864. Founder and Grand Master of the Orders of the Mexican Eagle (Orden Imperial del Águila Mexicana) and Saint Charles (Orden Imperial de San Carlos) for ladies on 1st January 1865. Reformed the Order of Our Lady of Guadaloupe (Orden Imperial de Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe) and assumed the position of Chief, Sovereign and Grand Master, 16th  April 1865. Captured by republican forces at the town of Querétaro and deposed, 15th May 1867. Rcvd: Bronze Decoration for Military Merit (awarded by his own soldiers 1867), Knt of the Orders of the Golden Fleece of Austria (1852), St Andrew the First Called, Alexander Nevsky, the White Eagle, St Anne 1st class and St Stanislas 1st class of Russia, the Black Eagle of Prussia (21.12.1852) with collar (13.1.1866), St Hubert of Bavaria, Rue Crown of Saxony, St George of Hanover (1856), St Januarius of Sicily, Fidelity of Baden, and Seraphim with Collar of Sweden (21.4.1865), GC of the Orders of the Tower & Sword for Valour, Loyalty & Merit of Portugal (14.6.1852), Red Eagle 1st class of Prussia (21.12.1852), Guelphs of Hanover (1856), the Netherlands Lion (8.6.1856), St Stephen of Hungary (1857), Legion of Honour of France, St Ferdinand & Merit of the Two Sicilies, Leopold of Belgium (mil) (27.7.1857), the Redeemer of Greece, Philip the Good of Hesse, Merit of St Joseph of Tuscany, Henry the Lion of Brunswick, Cross of Brazil, SMO of Malta, etc. m. at the Chapel Royal, Brussels, 27th July 1857, H.I.M. Empress Doña María Carlota Amalia Augusta Victoria Clementina Leopoldina (b. at the Palace of Laeken, Belgium, 7th June 1840; d.s.p. at Château de Bouchout, near Laeken, Belgium, 19th January 1927), née H.R.H. Princess Marie Charlotte Amélie Auguste Victoire Clémentine Léopoldine, Princess of Belgium, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony, Crowned with her husband at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City, 10th June 1864, Grand Mistress of the Imperial Order of San Carlos for ladies from 1st January 1865, rcvd: Dame of the Orders of the Starry Cross of Austria, and Maria Luisa of Spain, and GC of the SMO of Malta, only daughter of H.M. Léopold I, King of the Belgians, KG, GCB, GCH, by his second wife, H.M. Queen Louise Marie, eldest daughter of H.M. Louis Philippe I, King of the French, KG. He was k. (s.p.) by the revolutionaries on the orders of Benito Juarez at Cerro de las Campanas (the Hill of the Bells), Querétaro, 19th June 1867 (bur. Hapsburg Imperial Crypt, Church of the Capuchins, Vienna), having adopted the two grandson of Emperor Don Agustín I - see above.
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