The Ghilzai Dynasty


The Ghilzais are an Afghan tribe of Pushtu origin. They came to prominence when the Hotaki sept of the tribe revolted against Persian rule under the leadership of Mir Wais, a devout Sunni. A former state hostage of the Shi'ite Safawids, he obtained a fatwa to lead an uprising against them when he returned from the Haj to Mecca. He succeeded in expelling the Georgian Governor of Kandahar and assumed the post for himself. His eldest son, Mahmud, effected a succesful invasion of Persia which culminated in the conquest of Isfahan and the deposition of the Safawi Shah Sultan Husain. Mahmud was then crowned Shah and ruled for a brief period before being deposed by his own clansmen. His nephew and successor reigned for a brief period of four years before being killed by fellow Afghans, while fleeing towards Kandahar. The Safawi dynasty was then restored in the person of Sultan Husain's only surviving son, Tahmasp II.


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