The Al Bu-Said Dynasty


1806 - 1856 H.H. Sayyid Sa’id bin Sultan bin Al-Imam Ahmad bin Sa’id Al-Busaidi, Sultan of Muscat, Oman and Zanzibar. b. at Sumail, 5th June 1797), second son of H.H. Sayyid Sultan bin Al-Imam Ahmad bin Sa’id Al-Busaidi, Sayyid of Muscat and Oman, by his first wife, Sayyida Ghanneyeh bint Saif Al-Busaidiyah, educ. privately. Proclaimed on the death of his father as joint ruler, with his brother Salim, 18th November 1804. Reigned under the Regency of his uncle, Sayyid Badr bin Saif until his death, 31st July 1806. Proclaimed as sole-ruler, under the regency of his sister, Sayyida Aisha, 14th September 1806. Signed the Moresby Treaty with the British in 1822, in which he made the sale of slaves to Christian powers illegal throughout his dominions. Removed his residence to Zanzibar in 1832 (permanently in 1840). Established permanent diplomatic relations with the USA in 1836, and the UK in 1840. Recognised as Sultan of Muscat, Oman and Zanzibar, by virtue of the Hamerton Treaty of 2nd October 1845, in which he outlawed the export of slaves from his African empire. Rcvd: a Sword of Honour from King George IV (1821), and the Order of the August Portrait (Nishan-i-Tamtal-i-Humayun) of Persia (1856). m. (first) before 1825, H.H. Sayyida Azza bint Saif Al-Busaidiyah (d. at the Bait al-Mtoni, Zanzibar, before 20th July 1860, having had an only daughter who died young), daughter of Sayyid Saif bin Imam Ahmad Al-Sa’id, by his wife, Sayyida Muza bint Ahmad Al-Sa’idiyah , daughter of H.E. Sayyid Ahmad bin Sa’id Al-Sa’id, sometime Governor of Muscat. m. (second) at Bundar Abbas, 19th July 1827 (nikah) (div. for infidelity 1833), H.R.H. Shahzadi Shahzada Khanum, daughter of H.I.H. Shahzada Muhammad Husain ‘Ali Mirza, Tau’aman ul-Mulk, Farman Farma, Governor-General of Fars and Governor of the Persian Gulf Ports, by his first wife, Nawab Hajjiya, daughter of Muhammad Quli Khan-e Afshar Arumi. m. (third) July 1827 (div.) H.R.H. Shahzadi Shahruzad Khanum (d.s.p. in Persia, 1849), she returned permanently to Iran after Sayyid ‘Sa’id left for Zanzibar in 1832, daughter of H.I.H. Shahzada Iraj Mirza, Mahabat ul-Mulk, of Persia. He also maintained over seventy-five sarari, including (a) Najm us-Sabah (d. in childbirth, at Muscat, Oman, 1817), an Assyrian lady. m. (b) Khurshid, an Indian lady from Malabar. m. (c) Madina (d.s.p.), a Circassian. m. (d) Sara (d. from smallpox, at the Bait al-Sahel, Stone Town, Unguja, before 1st August 1859), a Circassian. m. (e) Lady Salma [Mama Buana Hamdan], a cousin of Sara, a Circassian. m. (f) Jilfidan (d. from cholera, at the Bait al-Tani, Zanzibar, 1859), daughter of a Circassian farmer and captured in a raid by Albanians. m. (g) Fatala, an Ethiopian. m. (h) Taj, a Georgian. m. (i) Aisha (m. second, ca 1858, Majid, sometime Chief Minister. m. third (?) Shaikh Sulaiman bin ‘Ali Al-Darmaki), a Georgian. m. (j) Nur us-Sabah. m. (k) Fatma (m. second, Shaikh Sulaiman bin ‘Ali Mandhry), a Circassian. He d. on board the Kitorie, off the Seychelles, 19th October 1856 (bur. Makusurani, Zanzibar), having had issue, twenty-two sons and twenty-two daughters (of whom thirty-six children survived his death):
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