16xx - ca. 1700 Vuna, Tu'i Vava'u, second son of Mataele Tu'apiko, 3rd Tu'i Kanokupolu, by his first wife, Papa, daughter of Akatoa, Tu'i Ha'amea. Opposed the selection of his half-brother, Mataele Ha'ame'a. Emigrated to the Island of Vava'u with three of his younger brothers and a nephew, where he set up an independent court and was recognised as Tu'i Vava'u. Driven into exile in Samoa, by his nephew, ca. 1700. Recognised as 5th Tu'i Kanokupolu, after the death of Mataele Ha'ame'a. m. Leha'uku, daughter of Tu'i'onukulava, 12th Tu'i Ha'a Takala'ua, by his wife, Princess Toto'inukuo'osi, daughter of Tapu'osi Kau'ulufonua III, 31st Tu'i Tonga. He had issue, two sons:
ca. 1700 - 17xx Tu'itu'iohu, Tu'i Vava'u, fourth son of  Mataele Ha'amea, 4th Tu'i Kanokupolu, by his first wife, Talaumote'moa, daughter of the 1st Luani. Supported his uncle Vuna and follwed him to Vava'u. Later drove him into exile to Samoa, and became Tu'i Vava'u ca. 1700. m. (first) Fatafehi Tufui, daughter of Latunipulu'i-teafua, 2nd Tu'i Lakepa, by his first wife Letele, the daughter of Tu'iafitu, of Vava'u. m. (second) Ngalu, daughter of Niukapu, of Vava'u. m. (third) Tulukava. m. (fourth) Ate. He had issue, three sons:
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17xx - 1797 Finau-'Ulukalala-'i-Ma'ofanga, Tu'i Vava'u and 1st Finau-'Ulukalala, eldest son of Tu'itu'iohu, Tu'i Vava'u, by his first wife, Fatafehi Tufui. Succeeded on the death of his father, mid seventeenth century. Made himself completely independent of the Tu'i Tonga. m. (first) as her third husband, 'Ulukilupetea, Tu'i Ha'apai, daughter of Ngalumoetutulu, of Ha'apai, by his wife Siu'ulua, daughter of Hareapaua, Malupo of 'Uiha. m. (second) Mekemeke, of Fiji. m. (third) Fehi'a, daughter of Fuimaono, of Niuatoputapu. m. (fourth) Vutulongo, of Lakemba. m. (fifth) Mafimatapoko, of Ha'apai. He d. 12th June 1797 (bur. Ma'ofanga), having had issue, five sons and one daughter:
1797 - 1799 Takitakimalohi, 3rd Vuna and Tu'i Vava'u, son of Tu'i'oetau, 2nd Vuna, by his second wife, 'Ulukilupetea, Tu'i Ha'apai. Became Tu'i Vava'u on the death of Finau-'Ulukalala-'i-Ma'ofanga, 1797. Defeated and and fled to Samoa after the conquest of Vava'u by 'Ulukalala, May 1799. Returned in 1808. Banished to Ha'apai 1809. m. (first) ca. 1782, Princess Fatafehi Ha'apai, 10th Tu'i Tonga Fefine, third daughter of H.H. Fatafehi Paulaho, 36th Tu'i Tonga. He received Captain James Cook in 1777. m. (first) Tupou Mohe'ofo, 12th Tu'i Konokupolo (b. 1745; d. on Vava'u), eldest daughter of Tupoulahi, 7th Tu'i Konokupolo. m. (second) Finau. m. (third) Toe'umu, daughter of Kafoa, by his second wife, Princess Hahanokifanga'uta, daughter of Fakana'ana'a, 34th Tu'i Tonga. He d. at Ha'apai (bur. 'Uiha), having had issue, one son and two daughters:
1799 - 1809 Finau-'Ulukalala-'i-Feletoa Fangupo, Tu'i Vava'u and 2nd Finau-'Ulukalala. b. ca. 1750 (s/o'Ulukilupetea). Took control of Ha'apai and Vava'u and assumed the title of Tu'i Vava'u after the murder of Tuku'aho, 1799. m. (first) Lapulou, daughter of Tongamana, by his wife, Princess Si'umafua'uta, younger daughter of Fatafehi Tu'ipulatu II, 35th Tu'i Tonga. m. (second) Fatafehi 'Ongo'alupe, daughter of Talaumokafoa, by his wife, Fusipala Pangai, daughter of Mataele Haumi. m. (third) Mafihape, daughter of Tu'ipulatu, of Ha'apai. m. (fourth) Moanga Tupou. He d. on Vava'u, two months after the death of his daughter, To'emailangi, 1809 (bur. Feletoa), having had issue, three sons and four daughters:
1809 - 1811 Finau-'Ulukalala Moengangongo, Tu'i Vava'u. b. ca. 1786, eldest son of Finau-'Ulukalala-'i-Feletoa Fangupo, Tu'i Vava'u and 2nd Finau-'Ulukalala, by his first wife, Lapulou. Fled to Samoa and Fiji when his father seized power, 1799. Returned ca. 1807 and succeeded his father, 1809. m. two wives in 1808. He d.s.p. on Vava'u, 1811. Copyrightę Christopher Buyers
1811 - 1833 Finau-'Ulukalala-'i-Pouno-Tuapasi'i Hamaua Sefaria, Tu'i Vava'u and 3rd Finau-'Ulukalala, second son of son of Finau-'Ulukalala-'i-Feletoa Fangupo, Tu'i Vava'u and 2nd Finau-'Ulukalala, by his second wife, Fatafehi 'Ongo'alupe. Succeeded on the death of his brother, 1811. Took control of Vava'u after the death of Tupouto'a, 1820. Baptised 28th September 1832. Ceded Vava'u to his son-in-law King George Tupou I on his death, March 1833. m. (first) Tuputupu'o Pulotu, second daughter of 'Uluvalu, 2nd Tu'i Pelehake, by his second wife, Latuholeva, daughter of Kiuve'etaha Tu'alau, Leka. m. (second) Tupou Veiongo, daughter of Ikamafana II, 5th Ma'atu, by his wife, Latutana, daughter of H.H. Maeli'uaki Fatu, 8th Tu'i Konokupolo and 15th Tu'i Ha'atakalaua, by his second wife, Langilangiha'aluma. m. (third) 1830, Si'ulolovao (m. second, H.H. Samuelio Fatafehi Laufilitonga, 39th Tu'i Tonga. m. third, Po'oi Niutupu'ivaha), daughter of Sisitontai. He d. on Vava'u, March 1833, having had issue, one son and three daughters:
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1833 - 1845 H.H. Sia'osi Taufa'ahau Tupou, Tu'i Ha'apai and Tu'i Vav'au. b. at Niu'ui, Lifuka, Ha'apai, 4th December 1797, as Maeakafa Nginigini Ofolanga, only surviving son of H.H. Tupouto'a, 17th Tu'i Konokupolo, by his first wife, Taufa Ho'amofaleono, daughter of Malu'otaufa, 4th Ma'afu-'o- Tukui'aulahi, of Vaini. Appointed as Tu'i Ha'apai by his father in 1820, and continued to hold that territory after his death. Defeated Laufilitonga, the Tu'i Tonga, at the battle of Velata in 1826. Baptised with the name of Sia'osi (George), in honour of the late King George III, 7th August 1831. Succeeded his father-in-law as Tu'i Vav'au 1833. Proclaimed the end of serfdom in his domains in 1835. Published the Vava'u Code 16th May 1838, and publicly promulgated at Pouono, Neiafu, 20th November 1839, the first written laws in Tonga. Succeeded on the death of his uncle as the 19th Tu'i Konokupolo, 19th November 1845 (confirmed by the chiefs 2nd December 1845). Installed at the Pangai Green, Kolovai, Hihifo, taking the title of Tupou, 4th December 1845. Recognised as 'O Tu'i Tonga (King of Tonga), Vavau becoming an integral part of the kingdom thereafter - see Tonga (Tupou). Copyrightę Christopher Buyers
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