The Al-Qasimi Dynasty


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1904 - 1948 H.M Amir al-Mumenin Al-Mutawakkil 'Ala Allah Rab ul-Alamin Imam Yahya bin Al-Mansur Bi'llah Ahmad ud-din Muhammad Hamid ud-in, Imam and Commander of the Faithful, and King of the Yemen. b. at San'a, June 1869, son of H.H. Al-Mansur Bi'llah Ahmad ud-din Muhammad bin Yahya Hamid ud-in, Imam of the Yemen, educ. privately. Succeeded as Imam on the death of his father, 4th June 1904. Led the revolt against Turkish rule and succeeded in gaining Ottoman recognition as both spiritual and temporal head of the Zaidis, 22nd September 1913. Declared independence and assumed the title of King, November 1918. Recognised as such, 24th July 1923. m. (first) Fatima, a lady from the Bait Al-Washali tribe. m. (second) Sayyida 'Atigah bint Al-Hadi Sharif ud-din, daughter of H.H. Al-Hadi Sharif ud-din bin Muhammad, Imam of the Yemen. m. (third) Sayyida Houria bint Muhammad Al-Mutawakil, granddaughter of H.H. Al-Mutawakkil Al-Muhsin bin Ahmad, Imam of Yemen, and daughter of Sayyid Muhammad bin Al-Muhsin Al-Mutawakil. m. (fourth) Safiah bint Ahmad Al-'Ansi. m. (fifth) Sayyida Fatima bint 'Ali Al-Madani (b. 1896; d. at Bromley, Kent, 1st May 1981), daughter of Sayyid 'Ali Al-Madani. m. (sixth) Sayyida Amat Al-Rahman bent Ali Ghamdhan, gave birth to one daughter Tagiyah. m. (seventh) Sayyida Amat Al-Razag bint Muhammad Al-Darwish. m. (eighth??) a daughter of Shaikh Makhbut and sister of Shaikh Nasir bin Makhbut, Shaikh of the Hajid wa Bakil. He was k. with his grandson while driving in his motor-car outside San'a, 17th February 1948, having had issue, fourteen sons and six daughters:
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